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What is busted?

(adj.) weird-looking, ugly, not attractive

Her face was definitely busted.

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Busted - what is it?

An ugly unnatractive male.

Also can refer to face, body , clothes..Overall Apearance.

Damn that ni*** busted.
His shoes busted/ clothes etc..
Bad, Ugly , No good.

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What does "busted" mean?

a hideous person

that bitch right there is busted!

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Busted - what does it mean?

To be unatrractive, lame, or boring.

Yo, that party was busted so we bounced.

I would never date him, he was straight busted.

That movie was so busted I fell alseep.

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Busted - meaning

past tense of jizzing.

I busted on that girls face.

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Busted - definition

1. broken, not correctly functioning, doesn't work.
2. caught by the cops

This radio is busted.
Don't speed or you'll get busted.

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Busted - slang

Getting caught doing something "you shouldn't have been doing", either by the cops, parents, a significant other, etc.

I got busted by my boyfriend last night.. he rolled up to his best friend's house and found me in there.

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A way to describe a very ugly female, who can barely be described as female. A "busted" female is not even considered for Mercy Sex simply because they are so ugly.

Yo Jamal, I saw you with your chick at the movies, she so busted she couldn't even get a date with a convicted killer in jail for the past 50 years. Wanna go to KFC?

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I told mah gurl that I was studyin last night but I went to the party, right? Man, she showed up and I got BUSTED doin her homegirl!

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(In drag) being unpolished or messy.

Gurl, her look tonight was busted.

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