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What is Dude?

Normally just referred to as a person. Normally a friend. Alot of surfers talk this way.

Are you coming out tonight dude?

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Dude - meme gif

Dude meme gif

Dude - video

Dude - what is it?

the hard end of the camels penis to prevent it from being burnt when it lies down on the sand

Man 1 - 'Why doesn't the camel burn its penis when it lies down on the hot sand?'

Man 2 - 'Because of its dude'

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What does "Dude" mean?

A synonym for 'brother' 'man','buddy',or 'friend'.

"Dude, that corndog looks awesome!"
"I know right, bro?"

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Dude - what does it mean?

Dude is a word of many things.

1. To describe to another person(s) that they have done something realy stupid.

2. To say hello.

3. To show affection.


1. (friend): Hey man! I fucked my girlfriend in the ass lastnight!
(you): Dude! That's stupid!

2. (you): Dude!
(friend): Hello.

3. (friend): Hey, my mom died yesterday...
(you): Dude, I'm so sorry.

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Dude - meaning

1) (read as Dude): listen, check this out.

2) (read as Duuuude): you're not gonna believe this!

3) (read as DUUUuud): what you said just really ticked me off.

4) (read as Dude Dude Dude): hot chick at nine o'clock!

*Thanks to Stephan Pastis and Rat

1) Dude

2) Duuuude!

3) DUUUuud.

4) Dude Dude Dude!

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Dude - definition

2.)whats up?
4.)what the fuck!?
5.)thats just wrong
6.)hey you
7.)look at this
9.)my spleen!
10.) whats your problem?
11.) how funny

Dude, no, dude what the heck was that dude? Dude?

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Dude - slang

Camels foreskin. Found on male camels.
Also used to refer to a friend/person.

When I went to egypt, i rode a camel. It had cheesey dude

Hey dude.

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A carpenter or other professional hired to help with home improvement or appliance fixing.

Phil: Oh man, our shower isn't working!
Clyde: OK, I'll call a dude to fix it tomorrow.

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A brilliant word that has infinite definitions and meanings. The user can say it in almost any situation and still make sense

Dude1: "Sup dude!"
Dude2: "My cat has rabies"
Dudette: "Duuuhhuude"
Dude1: "Lets go smoke some choop"

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Absolutely anything at all. Whatever you what it to be.

1: Dude!
(How are you?)
2: Dude...
(Life sucks.)
1: Dude?
(What do you mean?)
2: dude.

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