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What is How are you?

how old are you?
fucking wangstas or ganstas or fucking retarded ghetto people that think they are cool... use "how old you is".
they aren't well educated.

"yo.. how old you is?"

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How are you - what is it?


hey, how are you doing?

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What does "How are you" mean?

The well spoken CATS from Zero-Wing kindly asking how the crew are after setting them up the bomb. How kind.

Captain: It's you!!!
CATS: How are you gentlemen?

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How are you - what does it mean?

something Australian people say that means "how are you"

Person 1: Hey!
Person 2: Hey, how are you going?
Person 1: Great!

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How are you - meaning

Greta Thunberg screamed it to the world leaders in 2019. They don't seem to care much and everything is back to business as usual

How dare you to steal my childhood?

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How are you - definition

The typical conversation starter, or greeting which South Western Ontario residences use. Very common in rural areas, and becomes less common the closer you get to urban areas. More commonly pronounced "How'r'yah'now", with hard pronunciation on vowels.

Gord- "How are you now?"
Mike- "Good, and you?"
Gord- "Not s'bad"

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How are you - slang

I'm fine. Thank you, I needed it.

How are you?

I'm ok, I guess

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How are you

Oft used as a do-not-bother-replying greeting, "how are you" represents the impersonalization of modern society stretched to an extent never witnessed before. It is however still okay to use it as long as you genuinely care.

Person A: Hi, how are you?
Person B: How are you?
(Conversation over)

Person A: Hi, how are you?
Person B: Like you care.

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How are you

The lamest rhetorical question in the English language. Requires the answer of 'Fine' no matter how you feel or why you are going to have a conversation. An exercise for the lips and tongue.

I was dying of cancer and had to see my doctor. He asked me, "How are you?"

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How are you

How are you doing?
How YOU doin'?

From the yiddish, vi geyts bay dir?

Nu? How's by you? Me? I'm fine. Don't be a pischer. How's by you?

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