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What is term?

A mia term is when your entire school term is ruined because of technical stuff ups.

O no my USB broke I'm having a mia term.

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Term - what is it?

When you get terminated from a website/app.

He was termed from youtube because of his constant copyright abusing

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What does "term" mean?

A derp version of the name Tim.
Just like the derp version of Chris being "Chers".

Chers: "Hey Terms, come to Liège on the 6th of September!"
Terms: "Aight Chers! I'm down!"

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Term - what does it mean?

Something that happens every term usually college or school

I get homework set termely

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When the boss invites an employee into the office and offers a permanent vacation--without pay, of course.

Dude, if you keep taking those extended lunch breaks you're gonna get termed.

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Someone who sucks at life, usually a musty and poorly-groomed individual. Originated in West Virginia by kids inventing their own language rather than huntin'.

"Oh yit, you musty ol' term."

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The common name for genus Robertum species Benites. His picture can be found at or

Hi I'm TerM, and i can fit a hard drive up my ass!

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a length of time spent in jail; a jail sentence

My term for that robbery was twenty years.

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Term is a word. A term is a term. The term term is a word that describes a body or building of letters formed into a descriptive compilation that stands for something, giving it substance.
Terms include: Every word o this website, save symbols and numerics:§ ‹>*#%@ and 129385, respectively.

The term term is a term

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Term means to go on the drink. Term is a synonym for 'session'.

Jesus that was some term last night or Will we have a bit of term tonight

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