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What is Stephan?

is a douche, that takes turn giving up the blowhole with his girlfriend who is a crater face. Goes to crater face conventions. Thinks he can play hockey but rly lix dix at it. He likes to slow jerk other people while giving it up the butt to crater face. And noah would like to eat him.

Bro that guys such a stephan.
He's slow jerking that guy.

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Stephan - what is it?

A guy with a pretty big dick, but he doesn't realize it because he's not big into comparing himself to others. Good looking, slays in the sack, etc. etc.

Girl 1: That guy Stephan just dicked me down so good! At least 8.5

Girl 2: Why do we only ever talk about the dicks of the guys you fuck?

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What does "Stephan" mean?

A really really dark kid who hits every girl and thinks he's good at basketball

Stephan can't be seen with the lights off

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Stephan - what does it mean?

a really sweet guy whose friendly, sweet, usually tall and very skinny, doesnt usually play sports and often has a big nose.

My boyfriend friend is such a stephan.

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Usually a Stephan is a cocky and sporty guy. He doesn't admit to his mistakes as well as being an overall asshole. The only thing a Stephan wants is "funky time" with a girl that isn't you especially after you guys are married or very close to that.

Oh yeah! That's Stephan, he cheated on me last year, 1 month before the wedding!

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a cool guy. creative wizard. who loves to put his fingers into stuffs. and occasionally make other stuffs out of them.

"stephan just puts his fingers into a scooter and makes it into an electrical one!"

"stephan's finger techinques are amazing"

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A young male who is considered a bright person by others,
but at the same time is considered to be lazy.
Usually knows alot and is the opposite of nieve but has tons of trouble applying what he knows.Is also cosidered a "go to" person if you have ANY questions whatsoever.He is often mis understood physicaly.But on certain feilds of sports (football,track,baseball, tennis)is considered a beast.And no matter who comfronts him he usually wont do anything until someone is hurt.Inside he is a "ticking time bomb" (as stephan means in greek mythology),he doesnt show any signs of anger but when he is ready he will go off.He is in most cases a very sexually incline person who knows what he wants and knows what she wants in bed.Though he chooses not to show his intrest in women he will eventually show it in a BIG way.

Rick:"Damn!,why wont stephan do anything about that racist bitch?!"

Ryan:"Just wait,he'll break eventualy."

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the hottest guy in the world. he plays football, hockey, and baseball, and is so damn good! all girls adore him and all guys wanna be his friend. he is extremely popular, yet in a good way, as everyone likes him. he wears his hat backwards and got a love letter in a purple folder from a girl in the 8th grade expressing her love for him.

girl 1: hey will you give this purple folder to stephan but don't tell him who sent it?
boy 1: yeah, man i knew it would be someone like him. he's so popular.

(next day)

girl 1: we delivered the letter!
stephan's girl: omg!! thanks guys so much!! i am so happy!! *sighs* he is so beautiful...

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A man you cannot live without, he will be your best friend and your best partner, he will never leave you unless you ask for it, he is loving, caring, and a friend you can trust !

I lend Stephan $500 last month and he gave it back to me so fast, he is such a friend !!!

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He's the kind of person that will make you fall in love with his sense of humor. He's very handsome, charming, with a voice so great that you'll want to hear it all the time. His words are so mesmerizing and you just love all the kind things he says to you. A very sweet, funny, loving, charming guy. Someone you'll never forget.

Stephan: Hey you look very beautiful today. If I was a girl, I bet I wouldn't look nearly half as great as you.

Girl: Hahaha, oh Stephan.

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