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What is hello?

(1) an almost obscelete form of greeting most associated with straightlaced people;
(2) a polite way of answering a phone

(1)Bob (sees Bill on street): "Hello, Bill!"
Bill: "Well, hello, Bob."
(2)(Phone rings loudly)
Jim: "Hello?"
James Watson from AT&T: "Hi, this is James Watson from AT&T. I'm calling to talk to you about your long distance plan."

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Hello - what is it?

greeting to others form of friendly greeting

hello im silly

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What does "hello" mean?

The one word that makes people sing Adele whenever it is mentioned (usually as a greeting), much to the chagrin of the one who originally said it.

A: Hello!
B: It's me! I was wondering if after all these--
A: *flips table*

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Hello - what does it mean?

How to say Jell-O in Spanish. Like when that guy comes to the door in the Rocky Horror Picture show, and everybody tells him to say Jell-O in Spanish, and he says "Hell-O"

<<>>> ...Hell-O.

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Hello - meaning

1. A greeting
2. A for of incredulity

1. 'HELLO!!!!!!'
2. 'I satyed at home last night watching movies'
'... HELLO!!?!! You were supposed to come to my party last night!'

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Hello - definition

Knowing that this is Urban Dictionary, hello is a sex position.

So my girlfriend wanted it, and I gave her a hello last night. It felt amazing!

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Hello - slang

A greeting used when first seeing somebody.

Holly:"Hello, Jack."

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what you say when your talking casually with friends and your mom walks in the room

What the hell(mom enters)-o mom.

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It's a form of salutation of greeting in the English language, aslo used at telephone.

Hello, can I help you with something?

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a very offensive curse word

What the hello

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