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What is bio?

Beauty Inside and Out

From Tyra Banks show: beauty comes from inside and out! BIO!

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Bio - what is it?

BIO , acronym of "Bring It On"
also known as the best warring kingdom in a mmorpg browser game called "Utopia".

GhettoPlayer1: hey man you know BIO?
GhettoPlayer2: OMFG OFC!1 they are teh so l33t they won honor crown on age 34 <3 bio

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What does "bio" mean?

A polite way of saying that you're going to the bath room.
Stands for Be In the "Office".

Guy one: "Hey man I just ate a ton of Mexican food, BIO break."
Guy two: "Dude, nasty..."

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Bio - what does it mean?

bio is an athletic, indepent, determinded girl. she loves to explore new things. she is beautiful and cute at the same time. as the name says, she brings life and joy everywhere she go. she's a "sister" you wish for. she is lovable. she is very funny. she tends to get cold to someone that she dont like. she hides something so well. she has a dark side of her which you can rarely see. but if you see one, make sure to stay away from her. she is a girlfriend material. if you really get to know her, you'll definitely fall in love. so guys out there, get her right away. but watch out, shes hard to get.

"she's so funny"
"she's just bio

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An annoying way to say you're going to the bathroom, often used in WoW but has been used less frequently over the years (thankfully)

Gaydude123: Brb bio
Gayguy321: Dude just say you have to take a shit

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Slang for biological parent who has been absent for most of your life. You are not close to this person and is often seen as more of a stranger who happens to share DNA with you. They are not your family.

The bio called me today and asked if I was gonna go see my half-sister today.

The bio told me he was gonna send child support this month.

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biological waste

brb gone for bio ( a piss)

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Also known as a profile, BIO is short for biography and is a term used to describe a brief description of a person.

My Age is on my bio page.

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Used in many MMORPG's to indicate that you will be away to go to the restroom.

Dude1 "Hey dude, sorry, but I need to take a bio break because it feels as if I have a turtle-head poking out."
Dude2 "Dude, please, just say your going bio. I don't want a picture dude."

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Noun. Sort of like your self-announced street resume. Intended to make the sayer sound harder than they really are.

Hey Man quit poppin off at the mouth. You really don't want to do that. You better check my bio. I'm a crazy ass bro!

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