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What is so funny?

The class clown

######## likes him and ian so funny she wants to kiss him

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So funny - what is it?

When you only hear something recently, but you think it's pretty funny so you include it.

Peace Out

1. Goodbye
2. (intransitive verb) to leave or retire
3. (transitive verb) to kill

Note: I only heard the third meaning recently, but I thought it was pretty funny so I've included it.

1. "Yeah, see you then, peace out."
2. "Yo I gotta peace out, I'm tired."
3. "I just peaced out that spider with my shoe."

by anonymous Oct 20, 2003

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What does "so funny" mean?

Yo look at the mug haha

Falaron: "Hopefully I can get the mug overfilled by voting yes on the definition of 'Help me severely overdo the text box for the mug ad below this definition so it looks funny' and then buy it."
Exalothorn: "I doubt it, but hey, it's worth a shot!"

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So funny - what does it mean?

The part of the body that your girlfriend or wife possesses that somehow allows her to get offended by something you've said that everyone else in the room finds hilarious.

Wow, that joke that Joe told about the priest, the pianist and the tromboner was great, but his chick is staring daggers at him. He must've hit her So Not Funny Bone.

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So funny - meaning

It's a webcomic. One day, a neurotic artist decided to create a stick figure comic. Then God said, LET THERE BE CHARACTERS, and appeared Suds, a cynical drinking sarcastic smartass; Perry, a shy guy lost in his thoughts; and Avital, the dumb creator herself. Together, they will overcome horrifying obstacles. Like CVS.

"Hey man, have you ever heard of So Funny I Forgot To Laugh?"
"No, what the hell's that?"
"We're over."

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So funny - definition

What you say when someone's jokes are lame.

Corny person- So, did you like my jokes?
Me- They were so funny I forgot to laugh...

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So funny - slang

A phrase used to mock someone when they say a joke or something they think is absolutely hilarious, but everyone else thinks it's retarded. Sarcasm in its most extreme form.

Chad: "Okay, okay. A Care Bear and a ninja got in a fight. Who one?"
Me: "The ninja."
Chad: "No. The Care Bear. You see, it had just eaten an eighteen inch burrito, and it farted. The stank smell killed the ninja! HA HA HA HA HA HA HAAA!!!" *more annoying laughter continues*
Me: "Wow Chad! That was so funny I forgot to laugh!"

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So funny

2017 replacement acronym for LOL. Often used in texting and social media mediums.

Timmy: Last night, Steve was so hammered he slept in a bush cuddling with Frank.

Me: SF

Timmy: SF?

Me: SF (So Funny)

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So funny

A quote made famous by Zara.
Otherwise known as AQUABABE.

Someone says something funny/tells a joke.
Something funny happens in general.
Anything funny occurs that most people would laugh about.

Zaras reply: "That's so funny"
said without any emotion.

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So funny

what someone says to something that is not funny. They pretend it is funny.

Man1: why did the chicken cross the road
Man2: why
Man1: to get to the other side
Man2: haha, so funny

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