Definder - what does the word mean?

What is a brief?

hug your crotch for nice feeling. Matt loves wearing these because they get him nice and hard. They show off his ass great!

everyone was staring at matt when he was wearing his briefs because he looked so sexy

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A brief - what is it?

Briefs are a type of underwear that are worn mostly by men. They are often more embarrassing because they don't cover the upper part of the legs, unlike boxers. They are not common with the "cool kids".

Boys that wear briefs are a target for wedgies. If you are a brief-wearer next to kids that wear boxers in a locker room, you are almost guaranteed to get a hanging wedgie. A common nickname for them is tightey whiteys, whitey tighteys, or TWs.

Once, when changing in the boys locker rooms, I took off my shirt. Then some jock pantsed me and saw my briefs. He called his friends and gave me an atomic wedgie. Everyone saw and laughed, then they hung me on a coathook, giving me a hanging wedgie. I stayed there for the rest of the day, hanging from my white briefs. I still wear briefs every day, even though everyone gives me wedgies from them every day.

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What does "a brief" mean?

One of the 2 main underwear styes. They are good for 2 things

1. Support
2. Hiding your erection

They are bad for 2 others:

1. Wedgies
2. Embarrassment

I got a big woody today in class and it was embarrassing. Next time I'm wearing briefs under my boxers.

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A brief - what does it mean?

Military slang for the event in which somebody gets yelled at or insulted by a fellow service member.

Soldier 1: Your bitch is probably fucking some dude right now.
Soldier 2: Don't you EVER talk about my girl or I'll fucking kill you! Got that you fucking dirtbag?!

Random Soldier: Briefed!

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A brief

A great invention meant to protect the penis and balls.

Briefs are always comfortable even in a wedgie.

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A brief

The male version of a bra for your testes. This underwear is mainly worn by boys who need their large testicles to be supported. Often mocked by boys with small balls.

I need some briefs, or my balls will swing around when I walk.

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A brief

A type of underwear.

- Smaller, so when you're pantsless you look more embarrassing.
- Dissed by people who think they're cool and stuff.

- Prevents your balls from swinging around during physical activity.

I played Pump It Up wearing boxers today, and my testicles almost fell off because I wasn't wearing briefs.

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A brief

really short undergarnment mostly worn by men. only real con with briefs is the fact that most people find them dorky and stuff. i only wear boxers for the sake of not looking bad. but briefs are very comfortable and good. if only people would grow the F up, briefs would definetly be popular again like they once were. comfortable fitting and sometimes erotic. briefs are defenitly a good choice if your not ashamed of them

nicknames are tighty whities, man panties
underwear of any sort is embarassing but people need to grow up when it comes to briefs

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A brief

This is the event when your boxers slide up into your groin to form a brief shape. (Y-fronts)

A: *takes off trousers*
B: Jesus man! you got briefed! EWWW!

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A brief

Scottish slang for "helfy" or "beautiful" more commonly used for shoes or people

Here mate you seen Jack? He's a brief btw

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