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What is runs?

To hand something over; to give up a possession to a robber.

In J. Cole song 'A Tail of Two Cities' ... "Uh, nice watch, run it"

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Runs - what is it?

viscious shits of biblical proportions.

I shat my pants, I have the runs

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What does "runs" mean?

1. moving from place to place

2. running from the police

I almost never eat breakfast while on the run.

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Runs - what does it mean?

the dreaded shit you take where you wake up in cold sweats and get butt ass naked on the toilet and pray to god, crying, for your shits to stop

dude, i had the runs this morning and almost ended my own life

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Runs - meaning

runs is the word used when a guy wants to talk to a girl intimately-saying sweet things to the girl.

hey look at that girl man, i wanna go and runs her

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Runs - definition

A Nigerian slang used to denote girls who are involved in prostitution

She is a runs girl

She does runs to get money

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Runs - slang

Illegal street races. "run" usually late at night on empty freeways or backstreets. A la "Fast and the Furious".

Are you going to the runs tonight?
Pete and Danny are running tonight.
The Mustangs are going to run on first street.

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Yo I gotta get to the bathroom quick I got me a case of the runs!

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A bad case of diearhea in which the sufferer has to "run" to the bathroom

Oh shit i got the runs like something sick

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They call it the runs because you gots to "runs" to the washroom before the shit "runs" out of your anus and down your pants (assuming your wearing pants)

I got the runs this one time, but no sweat, I had a diper on.

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