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What is Aeropostale?

This store is actually really great, i mean what the fuck why would i wanna spend twice as much money for A & F when you caould spend less for clothes that are the same exact quality!! AE A&F, HCo, Areopostale, THEY ARE ALL MADE IN THE SAME FREAKIN DIRTY ASS COUNTRYS ANYWAY!! Check your A & F tag mine says "made in Turkey" wtf, thats some cheap ass shit, and wtf is with you people and saying poser, what are you all middle school losers?? I have them all, Abercrombie, Hollister, American Eagle, and the honest truth is my Abercrombie shirts fall appart!! They fall appart at the sleeves, 50$ for the god damned shirt and it falls appart!!! I have had the same Aeropostale shirts for years and they have never ever fallen appart like that!! You people talk about how people shop there who cant afford Abercrombie, but thats soo fucking messed up. I dont mean to brag but i have money, my dad ownes a company and my moms a lawyer, and i shop at Aeropostale. You Guys talk about Abercrombie being "The real deal", you want the real deal, go to Armani Exchange, Gucci, etc.. thats the real deal.

Aeropostale is just as nice as all the others if not better!!!

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Aeropostale - what is it?

a modern store that is hip with the new generation along with Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister and American Eagle Outfitters. People for some reason think that it is the "wanna be prep" store that tried to copy Abercrombie & Fitch or American Eagle Outfitters, and not to mention that all the hip Abercrombie an American Eagle wearing rich kids say that it's for poor people. Now that is coming from rich kids that think that they need to have all the in style expensive stuff. Just because other people that are or aren't like them shop at Aeropostale, doesn't mean we are poor and can't afford Abercrombie & Fitch or American Eagle Outfitters. It just means that we all have different styles and we like to express ourselves in different ways. And so what if poor people shop there? Does it really matter? And when you wear Abercrombie, everyone wears the same thing. Don't you want to be yourself and dress how you want to and not hoe everyone else does just because it's cool? I shop at Hollister, American Eagle and Aeropostale because I like the clothes not because other people are doing it.

FB Status: "Do you think Aeropostale is for poor people and people who can't afford American Eagle or Abercrombie?"

Morgan: "NO! is John running his mouth again!? buncha ignorant.. >:("

Katherine: "No.

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What does "Aeropostale" mean?

First I just want to say if people have nothing to do then bash Aeropostale then maybe you should go get a life. Second how can you say Aeropostale is a store for prep wannabes when that’s basically what A&F and AE are. Although you can find many preppy items at these stores they are not preppy. The real prep brands are Polo Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, IZOD, Lily Pulitzer, Brooks Brothers, Patagonia, etca. Being preppy is not going to Abercrombie and buying a $40 XS shirt that makes you look like a skank it’s about dressing nicely and being classic and conservative. Aeropostale is just another teen retailer that sells stylish clothes for good prices.

Aeropostale is a clothing store for teens that offers good quality and style for lower prices than A&F and AE.

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Aeropostale - what does it mean?

"I love my daddy". These shirts are popular with teens and their wardrobe usually also has Hollister shirts which means "I love my mommy"

Girl: "Of course I think the world of my dad, can't you see my aeropostale shirt ? "

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Contrary to the apparent Midwestern belief, Aeropostale is not "preppy". (Nor are Hollister and American Eagle, though Abercrombie was formerly a preppy brand until their racy adds took that title away from them. True preppy brands are Lilly Pulitzer, Vineyard Vines, Lacoste, etc.) Aeropostale's style is what I would mostly consider sporty/a typical teenage store. Many people on here have complained about their clothes, but for the most part they really aren't that bad at all. Not my style, particularly, but there's nothing bad about shopping at Aeropostale. They have low prices that are fair in comparison to their nice clothes. The materials are pretty soft, and very durable, just not anything that special or different.

Average Girl: hey, I heard there's a sale at Aeropostale!
Average Girl 2: awesome! let's buy 2 for 1 basic camis!

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it's a clothing store. that's it. for all u losers that spend ur entire day trash talking people who wear aeropostale u can just get a life.

Aero guy: let's go to aeropostale

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Aeropostale an awesome store that is ALOT cheaper than Abercrombie. (I have nothing against Abercrombie tho except that they are pretty expensive) If you shop there it doesn't mean you're a poser, or you're poser, it means you've got taste but you're not going to pay $35 for a shirt that will fall apart the day you put it in the wash. Aeropostale shirts last for years. SO YOU'RE NOT POOR IF YOU SHOP THERE!!!!

Girl 1: Hey lets go to Aeropostale this weekend.
Girl 2: Ok, then we can buy 2 shirts for like what they charge at Abercrombir for one!!

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Aeropostale is a teen clothing store that is commonly grouped with Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister Co., and American Eagle. However, it is also regarded as the "cheapest" of the group. This may or may not be true, because they are generally the same in quality, but the other three's original prices on their items are much higher (especially A&F and HCO, which sell T-shirts for $38 in a heartbeat).

Aero sells clothes and other items (jewelry, sunglasses, bags, etc.) for both females and males. From personal experience, I notice that a lot of people well above their teen years still shop here, for some reason. Although most styles are meant for younger people, the simpler and more basic things can be stretched to people of at most 8 years older.

Lately, it seems that Aeropostale has been taking cues from the other three main teen retailers. They have removed the monkeys and butterflies from their clothes and general image, and instead replaced it with a more clean and "mature" "A87" logo. Their models and advertisements generally use the same people all the time, unlike the other stores (probably more cost-effective). Also, they are always fully clothed and doing fun, G-rated things instead of a more romantic and mature theme like A&F and HCO use. This new advertising (as well as the logo) is probably used to attract more of the customers that go to the other three, rather than thinking of Aero as a monkey-butterfly-glittery-kiddish brand. Their original selling price can also hurt your wallet if you are on a tight budget.

Their sales are much better than A&F and HCO, however. Stuff can get extremely cheap, especially near the ends of the seasons. Aero hires people of all shapes and sizes and doesn't hire based on looks, as A&F and HCO are known to do.

Seeing as most people were slightly disturbed by the butterflies and monkeys, I'm guessing Aero will make an even bigger name for itself in teen retail in the near future. It's a good place to shop, in my opinion.

Girl 1: Where do you like to shop?
Girl 2: Abercrombie, Hollister, American Eagle, Forever 21, and Aeropostale!
Girl 1's aunt: I like to shop at Aero too! I'm 30 but hey, their stuff isn't kiddish anymore so no one notices!
Both girls: ...

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An affordable prep store with nice clothes at good prices

I'm sick and tired of all you people bashing aeropostale just because it is the cheapest of the prep stores. I shop at aeropostale and have some shirts from ae. I can't stand to have to listen to you kids say that hollister and a and f are so much better just because they cost more. i mean why the hell would i want to go to a and f and spend $50 on a single shirt when i could go to aero and get 5 for that same price. i don't know about you but i like getting the most out of my money. also all you people talk about how a and f and hollister are made out of higher quality materials. give me a break, none of you people have any idea of what a high quality material is and you know it. do me a favor and take a look at the tag in your $50 shirt and tell me what it says. i bet you its made out of cotton and the shirt was probably made in tailand with all the rest of the shirts made by everyone else. so just because you spend more money on shits than me doesn't make any better of a person than i am and you think it does than that is really sad and you need to get a life. if all you kids do is bash aero all day than you are really the pathetic ones because you have nothing better to do with your lives.

Aeropostale and you people need to accept it, just because the other stores are more expensive doesn't make them better and you people need to realize that.

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Despite the juvenile monkeys and butterflies, Aeropostale has good quality clothing for half the price of American Eagle or Abercrombie and Fitch. It is, by no means, a 'wannabe prep store'; it is a store for people who like their fashionable and comfortable aparrel and have more sense than to waste money on a worse quality, over-priced Abercrombie shirt. Just because someone shops at Aeropostale doesn't mean they are too poor to afford clothes elsewhere, it just means that they are excersizing some practicality in the way of clothes-buying instead of spending frivilously like the majority of today's youth.

Stephanie: Want to go to Aeropostale today?
Courtney: No way, that store is for like wannabes who like can't afford Abercrombie like us but still want to be all like cool and stuff.
Stephanie: Yeah, I guess you're right.

The truth of the matter is that these girls are developing superior attitudes to those who merely want comfortable clothes that will not make them fall into debt. For them, evidently, money grows on trees, so they have nothing to worry about. However, not all people are this fortunate and would rather save their money for a more important cause and will settle for cute, appropriate clothes.

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