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What is pricey?

Derived from the word "price", the added "y" implies that the price of item in question is quite steep.

I'm not buying that, it's a bit pricey.

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Pricey - what is it?

when u wanna get something at the mall and its like 45094436 billion dollars. so u go home and say "dad.. theres a bathing suit i want, can i get it?"
"sure sweety"
"umm dad, it's a little pricey."
"ahh no problem"

read above.

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What does "pricey" mean?

(Scornful, derogatory.) Of or referring to something being used by its owner/wearer to make him look wealthy. Excessively pretentious.

He makes less than I do, but he's all arrogant now that he got this pricey used Camry.

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Pricey - what does it mean?

if something is expensive, or if you cant afford something

ooh! that dive outfit is pricey... but its nang

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Pricey - meaning

Pricey can mean expensive as in describing the price of something.
It can also mean "good", or "fit" if you are describing someone.

1. That jacket's £50. It's well pricey!
2. Omg that boy is so pricey!

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Pricey - definition

More Expensive

A Rolls Royce car is pricey compared to a Ford

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Pricey - slang

Adjective: Expensive

Hot damn! The beers here are $10! That's pretty pricey.

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An absolute champion.
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"Me and Pricey have been tight for years. Smoking chronic and getting fucked up way back in the day. I got my degree in ~weed science~ with him.

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Expensive, very costly, high-end.

A Prada bag is way too pricey for me.

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When something is overpriced or expensive for what it is

may be just a british thing

Those disposable rubber chickens are a bit pricey, let's try somewhere else

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