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What is the toilet?

A place where history is made

King of rock died in a toilet.

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The toilet - what is it?

A very scary place where even the bravest shit themselves.

Also, a place where you can read newspapers.

"I am the superhero name here>. I am the bravest man/thing in the world. Btw, what's this place??? Oh no!! Toilet!!! Gotta take a shit."

"Damn wife, I can't even read the newspapers in peace."

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What does "the toilet" mean?

It eats your poop.

I took a crap on the toilet and the toilet ate it

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The toilet - what does it mean?

A seat-shaped object leading to a pipe which, in turn, leads to the sewers. Used to dispose of bodily waste - though urine is often disposed of on the floor around the base of the toilet. A toilet is a source of much hilarity with schoolboys or those with similar ideas about humour (like me, for example). Also used in insults (eg: "you smell like a public toilet"). A toilet is a place the Queen never has to visit (through some miracle of biology, presumably). People who are sick in the toilet are said to be "talking down the big white telephone". Although some toilets I've seen are so filthy their original colour is long lost in the mists of time.

In my old school someone took something out of a toilet and smeared it across a classroom wall. The teacher was adamant that the culprit would be made to clean it off. The guilty party was never revealed, so the shat stayed on the wall and festered for years after. This was a classroom used as a lunch-hall. What a charming school.

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The toilet - meaning

Its a sanctuary where you take a shit Sometimes you may piss or even upchuck... Human waste goes here.

Cassandra uses the toilet quite often.

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The toilet - definition

when someone is talking shit they are referred as a toilet and therefore are tolieting as a verb

jimmy:your mum loved me last
john: stop toileting you fuck

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The toilet - slang

A seat-like object where you dis-charge feces from the anus.

"You get more ass than a toilet seat"

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The toilet

A Holy shrine that will take whatever you throw at it. A golden seat of relief.

Guy 1: Dude where were you last night? I thought we were going to hang out?

Guy 2: Sorry man, I was on the toilet , giving it my dinner from last night, I think I partied too hard.

Guy 1: I hear ya, I think my shrine is calling.

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The toilet

n. 1. The system of depositing one's feces invented by Mr. Crapper himself when one day his wife got sick of him taking dumps in the kitchen sink.

synonyms-latrine, crapper, lavatory, john, the can, the pot, stool, throne, potty, commode

Seymour likes to drink out of the toilet.

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The toilet

A place to sit and think. Also a good place to take a plop.

I'm going to go to the toilet and figure this out.

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