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What is eats?

when you make a shot in there face playing basketball

i made a shot right in jeremys face an i told him eat that eat that

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Eats - what is it?

A term used by dumb niggas from Chicago to describe a woman who enjoys performing oral sex. Made popular by rapper Lil Jay in "Pornstar".

"I can turn your main bitch into a eat-eat, she wanna drop her drawers soon as she meet me." - Lil Jay

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What does "eats" mean?

A definition used to communicate the sensory perceptions of food. Used mainly by po'folks.

"The soup that eats like a meal."-Campbells Chunky Soup ad

"It eats like candy".-A poorly educated person commenting to me on the sweetness of a cantaloupe.

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Eats - what does it mean?

Is also what you could call someone if they are proving to show eat arse characteristics, aka an eatsbum..
An eats is derived from the fobbish term EAT-ARSE

you could say about someone who is bein a dick...
"damn whatta eats"

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Eats - meaning

A word meaning sweet. Australian slang

Guy 1: Sydney won the footy
Guy 2: Oh eats!

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Eats - definition

1. getting food, grub or snacks late night or between meals.

Lets gets some eats at Denny's you crosseyed bitches.

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Eats - slang

too be not very good

"that movie was "eats"
"sean is "eats" at cricket
"the new album is "eats"

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Rochester, NY slang for the girl/boy that you are interested in/"messing around" with.

Yo brah, where you going?
Going to my eats house real quick to get some money.

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In East London, England it means people going to a specific place just to steal or rob from victims

They came to the opening evening to maake eats

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Ghetto terminology for "food".

"I need some eats."

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