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What is history?

The way the dead torture the living

Who gives a fuck what some crazy motherfucker did 2000 years ago in history!!! Why the fuck should I know this fucking shit!!! Fuck you!!!

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History - what is it?

A tale made up to explain to the wife why you came home drunk

You won't believe what happend to me on the way home dear........

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What does "history" mean?

the past

"school is history"

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History - what does it mean?

1 everything that happened in the past, more specially since humans learned to write.
2 everything that got written down and was accepted as "the history" by some elite or another.
3 the field of study of 1 and 2. Discusses all kinds of explanations of what happened.
4 a school subject devoted almost exclusively to 2.

1 Johnny Cash is history.
2 The history of the colonization of America has little to do with what actually happened.
3 An interesting question in history is whether guns, diseases or beliefs were more important factors in eliminating the Native Americans.
4 History is quite boring, especially if it's about your own country.

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History - meaning

A list of the Internet addresses one has visited in the past, which has a strange tendency to disappear when one views inappropriate sites.

I deleted my history so my roommate wouldn't know I was looking at porn all night.

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History - definition

Events that occured in the past.

World War One is history.

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History - slang

The study of the past. 'History' is often used to mean 'historical knowledge' when in reality 'history' is the process of researching the past using the available evidence, cross referencing and establishing 'historical knowledge'.

Historians argue about whose interpretation is most valid. These debates often last decades and are only resolved when either one side's research is shown to be of poor quality, or when new evidence comes to light proving one interpretation more valid.

Postmodernists argue that history is rubbish because they reckon that it impossible to understand al the motivations of the creator of the surce material which 'history' uses to forge historical knowledge. They're wrong.

History: Hey, guys, i went though the archives and cross reference the kings accounts with his requests for money from Parliament.

Hitorical Knowledge: Hitler intended for WW2 to start, but not in 1939. His foriegn policy was ideologically driven.

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What repeats itself over and over and over again.

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1. A pretty decent class where you can learn about anything ranging from the Egyptians to the Rennaissance to World War II, and much more.

2. A channel on TV that basically shows about 10% real history and the rest utter bullshit.

3. Something that overprotective parents check to see if you are looking at porn or something innocent like neopets or Wikipedia.

1. I have history class 4th block... can't wait.
2. How does Ice Road Truckers have to do with History??

3. Dude, look at my history, it is full of xxx porn. Gotta delete it before my mom finds out.

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The events of the past, filtered through the minds of the present.

That one drunken night is history.

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