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What is figure?

a person, mainly a girl, who has a nice shaped body.

Lauren has a model-ish figure.

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Figure - what is it?

A chick’s overall body appearance.

Different terms exist like β€œpetite”, β€œdumpy”, β€œaverage”, β€œmodelesque”, β€œslim thicc” to try to describe overall figure but people still fail to use the right terms.

Usually these terms are used to describe a figure by several of the following attributes combined; general body shape/curvature , apparent weight category, General body size or frame size, height (tall/around average/short) and body composition.

Brenda has the epitome of a proportionate hourglass figure and a curvy fit figure. She is of average heightβ€” both leg & toroso length, is a healthy weight, has an average bone structure, has thicc thighs, has wide hips, has defined waist, has flat abdominals, and full breast.

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What does "figure" mean?

The state of being figural.

Ah, the power of over-figurality!

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Figure - what does it mean?

To be resolved, not an issue or concern.

"I wanna go out at 9, but I get off at 8:45"
"No sweat, it'll all get Figured"

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Figure - meaning

The figure:

1. Someone who is the face of the master plan or organization or the group, Works but not as much as the hidden figure does, Gets the connection is the plug
2. The person who helps with the plan being the pretentious leader

Guy 1: everyone be wanting to be him he's the figure
Guy 2: yeahh

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Figure - definition

Used to describe irony, or a situation when one feels nothing else could go wrong.

(when a tire goes flat after visiting the tire dealer) Fuckin' figures!

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Figure - slang

Large amount of money

I just want to stack figures

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An expression used when someone does something typical for them to do. Usually used in disappointment (in the person, in the situation, and/or in themselves for not predicting it would happen).

"Did you do my laundry like I asked?"
"Oh, I forgot."

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Assumed something using both knowledge and common sense

"Sorry I didn't answer the phone I was busy" "ya that's what I figured"

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What everybody means when they say "literally".

-Dude, I literally had smoke coming out of my ears!

-Really? Don't you mean you figuratively had smoke coming out of your ears, or did you really have smoke leaking out of your earholes?

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