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What is the pit?

the ultimate in suckiness. The scrapings from the barrel.

Who cares about Britney Spears getting divorced again? Her music is the pits!

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The pit - what is it?

Also known as the front-ensemble. Usually most talented in band. Brings color and warmth to music in marching band/drum corps. Usually related to drumline. Section that gets most crap for not having to march but yet takes most skill, technique, and practicing.

Dude the pit is rockin' it out there.

The pit has a ridiculous four mallet solo!

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What does "the pit" mean?

1. To lose to a lesser opponent 2. To lose at the end of a sporting event in a rather peculiar fashion. 3. To find a way to lose while winning.

The Panthers are winning to start the 4th quarter, I hope they don't end up PITTing at the end.

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The pit - what does it mean?

something that sucks

dude, that new movie's the pits, huh??

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The pit - meaning

When a surfer/ sponger/ skimmer gets barreled in a wave.

Alternate: Getting drunk

Aw brah its just like, you just get the best barrels ever dude. you come in and get spit righttt out. just drop in and smack the lip, wah BAH, just drop back in like BAHHHH, just ride the barrel and get pitted, sooo pitted like THAT.

Alternate: We got super pitted at Jimmy's house last night

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The pit - definition

1. A social area in the basement of Williams Hall at U-W Rock County where nerdy or geeky type people go to hang out together.

2. A fucked up place where homework does not get done.

3. A place where everything you say can becomes a sexual innuendo.

4. Where boobs are sacred and PIE IS EATEN!!!!!

1. "I'm going to go hang out at the pit after class"

2. "I would have done my homework but I went to the pit instead."

3. "In-YOUR-indo."


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The pit - slang

Shortened form of moshpit

The pit was insane - I was in there for 7 hours!

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The pit

A place where IT BURNS.

Ganon: No! Not the pit! IT BURRRNNNNS!

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The pit

The sunken area in Harvard square by the Harvard red line stop. Full of teenage punks, junkies, and the occasional street performer.

This homeless guy tried to grope me while i was hanging in the Pit.

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The pit

A metaphorical state of being "trapped" in an on and off relationship.

Adam and Evelyn are in an 8 month relationship. Due to arguments or just pure lust, Adam breaks up with Evelyn to try "something new". He then realizes that his new girl isn't as great as Evelyn, he then takes her back. Two months later John breaks up with Evelyn again, this time because he's noticing more and more flaws. He then finds himself yet ANOTHER new girl. And he gets bored of her as well and goes back to Evelyn, and this vicious cycle continues until one of them ends it for good. And gets them out of The Pit.

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