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What is form?

n. Fear, distress, and nervousness caused by the act of entering personal information into a pre-made template. Often paralyzing, making simple tasks such as applying for jobs, school, etc. almost impossible for the affected.

see also: Formophobia

" my blood pressure was through the roof at the doctors office. I got form anxiety because they made my fill out my patient information form"

"Joe refuses to do his taxes online because of his form anxiety. So instead he always just pays someone else"

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Form - what is it?

The act of videotaping yourself (or a friend) in the act of lifting weights and/or doing exercises in the name of blatant self adoration, but under the guise of a "FORM CHECK!"

After I do another set of reps on video, I'm going to go home, shower, and masturbate to my own FORM CHECK!

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What does "form" mean?

Questionable or offbeat behavior that may warrant shame and/or an apology.

Guy 1: Hey, sorry for hitting on your sister like that, man. I guess I could've at least waited until you and your parents left the room...

Guy 2: Yeah. Bad form, dude. Bad form.

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Form - what does it mean?

A literary masterpiece featuring potato plants, women noisily donating cows to zoos, the beauty of math, and the enchanting love story of one translator(!) named Gen and one Mr. Hosokawa. Not to mention a philosophical debate about the attractiveness of an ancient man and Petrarch refuting it and Jimi Hendrix with an arm sling. Let's just hope you remember how to write in cursive.

Have you ever seen a cow? (this is for the future generations, they're losing touch with nature)
What is cow
I want my kids to know that potatoes have a plant part. OH GOD PROCESSED FOODS.
Oh such math.
Coffee or orange juice?
Genkawa, do you ship it?
Only true 90's kids will remember Form W.

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Form (v.) To Lie, to make untrue statements, to make outrageous accusations against another.

Also: Formed (past tense)and Formin' (gerund)

He said he slept with me! He formed that!

He totally formed this story about fucking Pam Anderson.

She tried to say that I didn't give her back her skirt! Girl, she always be formin'!!

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Form, To step up your game

To show you got what it takes

The bros got some form
Hes got what it takes

Showing all what its about

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A British secondary school thing. The people in your form you see every day for 20 minutes when you first come into school. You will stay with these people until your five years of education are over.

You will have a form touter who will take the register and instruct you what to do for those 20 minutes. Most if the time you will stay with them until your have to go into sixth form or uni.

I love all of the people in my form. How about you?

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to describe a "hot" chick
to coment on the perfection of the body

check her out,
she's got form

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A Northern Irish term used to ask somebody how they are.

How's the form?

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Previous convictions

He's got form - two sentences for assault and one for burglary.

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