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What is in the basement?

Ultimate stoner hang out

Man me and jack went to my basement and smoked some weed

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In the basement - what is it?

An underground approach to teach repetition. It's about staying down to earth and humble.

always gotta spit that basementality

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What does "in the basement" mean?

Aka free day care for strangers children

"Can we be let out of the basement now?"
*shits down laundry shoot hitting a child with the turd*
"what the fuck is that?!"

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In the basement - what does it mean?

The doctrine of uncovering & circulating grimy, lyrical and unapologetic hip-hop.

Harold: "Did you hear that new Young Money song on the radio"

Matt: "Nope. Basementalism only plays real hip-hop."

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In the basement - meaning

A dirty add-on to any statement.

Would you hold my cheese? the basement...

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In the basement - definition

not just a basement, but a house that everybody refers to as "the basement." The basement in the house is the best part of the house where everybody congregates and chills.

"yo lets go to the basement and figure out what we are going to do."

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In the basement - slang

Camping and/or cramming numerous bodies (people and pets alike) in a homeslice's basement for a particularly awesome weekend.

"I would much rather go on an extra basementation than go to another townie wedding."

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In the basement

A person who is secretly a nerd, and is afraid to tell anyone.

Bill: Hey have you seen Jimmy?

Ted: Yeah, he's off playing D&D with some freinds, but don't tell anyone because he's totally in the basement.

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In the basement

The place I keep my children

Gotta go check on the kids in my basement

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In the basement

The act of sitting in a basement and doing nothing. Most commonly this is found in a group of friends who are boring and have nothing else to do, or are too lazy to get off their asses and make something of their lives. Basementing is the opposite of adventure.

Yo, you want to go over to Chris'?
nah bro they're just basementing again.
lets go climb a mountain and go basejumping.

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