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What is in the basement?

A term commonly used in reference to a man's erection. Basement meaning pants, and the kangaroo speaks for itself...

"Derick totally had a kangaroo in the basement when he was helping you on your golf swing today."

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In the basement - what is it?

Having excessive amounts of pubic hair.

That girl is HAIRY, I bet she has a bear in the basement!

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What does "in the basement" mean?

To urinate into one's rectum during anal sex.

I wanna give her a flood in the basement.

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In the basement - what does it mean?

Used on My Name Is Earl by Catalina and it means a dirty vagina, basically.

Catalina: I once had a horrible uncle with a hot wife and a nice house but later on we found out that both the house and the wife had mould in the basement.

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In the basement

Plump, round female buttocks.

See also: junk in the trunk, badonkadonk, J Lo Booty

Yo, that girl's got serious trash in the basement!

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In the basement

A term originated in 2008 meaning a repetitive nostalgia of unrealized dreams to the point that it seems a little sad.

That guy talks about that final touchdown from 1998 all the time. He has guitars in his basement.

He's not a rockstar. He works at Kinkos. He definitely has some guitars in the basement!

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In the basement

A slang term that refers to the male testicles.

"Take it easy, my boys in the basement are sensitive!"

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In the basement

When a woman takes an ethnic penis in the butt.

Shabazz gave that girl a raccoon in the basement when he done did her in the booty.

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In the basement

A dirty add-on to any statement.

Would you hold my cheese? the basement...

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In the basement

A person who is secretly a nerd, and is afraid to tell anyone.

Bill: Hey have you seen Jimmy?

Ted: Yeah, he's off playing D&D with some freinds, but don't tell anyone because he's totally in the basement.

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