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What is huh?

one of the the annoying ass sounds that rick ross makes in every song hes in.

im burnin purple flowers, its burnin my chest, huh! boss! rozay

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Huh - what is it?

you better say it again because I'm not sure if I heard right , say it again to make sure ; they said something that's not good so then your like huh?

girl: I'm so sick of you!
guy : huh?

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What does "huh" mean?

Can be used to denote that the previous statement was counterintuitive or surprising, requiring a pause to absorb its significance.

Yeah, so a tomato is a fruit, not a vegetable.
<Eazy-E> I went to the hospital with a really bad cough, and the doctor diagnosed me with AIDS.

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Huh - what does it mean?

when you join the group chat during a heated convo and you have no idea whats going on.

Joe (Mama): and thats how i found out that i sexually identify as an apache attack helicopter
Aaron (Sz2): huh

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Huh - meaning

Complete confusion and a reply to say the misunderstood phrase.

Huh? You want a example?

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Huh - definition

The word used to reply to a question or sentence you either did not understand, misheard, were confused by or you did not hear.
Similar to nes.

Dave: You done that homework?
Jonzy: Huh?, sorry I was looking at the seagulls outside.
Dave: Huh?
Jonzy: Yeah the seagulls are going fucking crazy out there!

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Huh - slang

A sound people often make when they are confused or to express their question.

Huh? I don't know what you mean.
So you like cheese, huh?

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you say it when you are confused

huh what is that?

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Girl: do you wanna play a game called 69 with me?
Alvin: huh
Girl: I never want to see you again

true story =(

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what a fucking mother fucking dumbass fool says when they know EXACTLY what you just said and EXACTLY what you mean but chooses to act a mother fucking dumbass so they can avoid the question because they know they are about to get HELLA exposed

1) me: why are you being so salty
him: huh

2) me: tell me, why would you ask that?
him: huh

3) me: literally i have given you everything. all my time and emotions but im getting nothing back from you. can you just tell me if this is even gonna work out anymore?
him: huh

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