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What is the 5th?

My friend is high and can't answer with a simple yes or no.

Sam: "Have you masturbated?"
Friend: "I plead the 5th."

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The 5th - what is it?

Pleading the 5th means to not self-incriminate yourself, but it has the connotation of meaning that you did it.
The reason for this connotation is because if you didn't do it, why wouldn't you just say no?
It's a way of not saying "yes you did something" but hinting that you did, but they can't really say you hinted at it.

Bob: Did you have sex with my girlfriend?
Joe: I plead the 5th

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What does "the 5th" mean?

To call in sick when actually hungover. Stems from the many people who call off on the 5th of July.

Michelle just called in sick, but I saw her at the bar at 1:30 last night... she's pleading the 5th.

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The 5th - what does it mean?

The Godliest of alcoholic drinks. Served only to those who have survived the 4 prior horsemen. The alcohol content is rumored to be 95%, but there isn't much to base off of, as the drink is served rarely, to say the least.

Paramedic 1: "He's convulsing on the floor! What the hell happened here?"

Paramedic 2: *removes sunglasses* "The 5th Horseman..."

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The 5th

June the 5th is International ask her or him out day. Good luck.

Boy 1: Look at her! She’s perfect!
Boy 2: What a coincidence! It’s June the 5th, go on and ask her out!
Boy 1: ...
Boy 2: Good luck ;)

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The 5th

Not admit to being guilty or innocent, because doing either may get you into trouble.

Friend: Did you bring back edibles from Colorado?

Me: I plead the 5th!

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The 5th

Clever, considered and kind, the Fifth Doctor's world was one of fascination and science. He relished the recursion of Castrovalva, solved the mystery under the sinking sands of Frontios, and came face to face with the Silurians and Sea Devils once more. He twice faced the snake-like Mara, infesting the mind of his companion Tegan. And it was in this fifth body that the he was reunited with his past selves to fight in the Death Zone on Gallifrey. Infected with a deadly virus and with only enough antidote to save one, the Fifth Doctor sacrificed his life to save his friend Peri.

I like The 5th Doctor, but nobody else does

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The 5th

A refusal to answer a question because the response could hold self incriminating evidence.

Cop: We know you have drugs in this house. Where are they?!

You: Ask me anymore questions and I plead the 5th!

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The 5th

to have too much of the 5th means to be a pathetic human being.

Attributes of a man should be
1 Power
2 Pace
3 Precision
4 Passion
5 Pathetic
6 Pride

A man should show as much of the 'Ps' as possible whilst not showing any of the 5th

Look at that reptile, his mrs stopped him from necking his drink like the good old days.
yeah, he's showing too much of the 5th. we've lost him as a lad

Mate, i can't go the gym, my back hurts.
Seriously, you are showing too much of the 5th.

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The 5th

referring to the 5th amendment of the United States.

"Plead the 5th, homie."

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