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What is hilarious?

a sassy ass bitch who knows how to beat some lying hoes ass !

omfg over there is a hilary beating the crap out of some drunk retard !

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Hilarious - what is it?

So funny it might make you cry.

That's funny, but not nearly as hilarious as Manar.

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What does "hilarious" mean?

Girls name. (:

Hilarie is an amazing woman who is smart, funny, cute, gorgeous, beautiful, sexy, sophisticated, happy, kissable & much more than words can't explain.
Her nickname is; Perverted Kitty. (:

One; "Your sexy!"
Two; "Your sexier Hilarie!"

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Hilarious - what does it mean?

someone who has awesome hair, is really pretty, and is TRULY smart (i.e., can get good grades with minimal effort)

OMG! She is such a hilary! I'm so jealous!

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Hilarious - meaning

A girl that isn't the same as all the other gils. She is known for her beauty not only on the out, but on the in. One of those girls that every girl wants to be and a girl that every guy wants to be with. Stylish, fun, loving, truthful, beautiful, and sincere.

Guy 1 : She is so perfect. But I thought her name was Hillary?

Guy 2 : No, Hilari! Hillary is a total opposite.

Guy 1 : Oh, damn! That explains it. I gotta get with that.

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Hilarious - definition

She's a very cute girl who love to have fun, she likes to eat out with friends, is usually very friendly unless you piss her off, has a perfect smile and beautiful hair, she can dance really good and likes to play sports. She is very beautiful and smart, one of the best people you can ever meet, she is funny and also very kind and sweet. If you ever meet a cute girl called Hilary be nice to her and smile.

Person 1: i just met the cutest girl

Person 2: what's her name

Person 1: Hilary! she is funty!

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Hilarious - slang

to make someone laugh, usually uproariously; generally caused by a hilarious statement or action.

"LOLZ, shaniqua, you hilariate me!!1"

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When a situation is funny, but even more funny than hilarious.

Chelsea: "Oh my god, look, that chick just stacked it on the tent pegs!"
Isabella: "Haha, that's so hilarial!"

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when Jordan Richards talks about his emotions to his 'best friends', these emotions will vary

1: confessing about his true love to rhiley

2: confessing his true feelings to the boys, for example. Michael Potts is his fourth 'best friend' he loves him

Rhiley: I'M deeply in love with her, I would do anything to kiss her one last time, this was quite the hilarious conversation

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Quite funny. Generally used when making fun, or talking about making fun of other people.

Ben H's face is hilariously ugly.

Wasn't it hilarious when Ben H's mom slapped him for being so ugly?

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