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What is born?

Born in a particular area, town, city, country, continent. and have been brought up there by your parents, carers ect. for all or most of your childhood + adolecent life.

I was born and bred in the United Kingdom.

Person 1: Hi Im K...., where are you from?
Person 2: Im from the UK, born and bred.

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Born - what is it?

A term used, mostly by inner city teens and young men/women, as a reference to a female that is a mother of a child and/or children.

Friend: "Yo Raheem, you hear that Brenda got a baby?"

Raheem: "Yeah, son. She's a born master."

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What does "born" mean?

An expression to suggest amazement, it's used when somebody witnesses an event that would never happen in the place that the person came from. In simple words it means to be amazed as fuck.

-Hey dude, look at that pretty-ass girl, I'm so fucking horny!
-I was born on a mountainside

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Born - what does it mean?

1. Caesarian section.
Came from the Ticket, Gordon Keith.

2. Can also be a salutation of farewell.

Definition 1:
Girlfriend 1: Did she have natural childbirth?
Girlfriend 2: No, the baby was breech, so she had a vaginal slice born born.

Definition 2:
Dude 1: Well, time to go see the wife and squids. Later!
Dude 2: Vaginal slice born born!

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Born - meaning

Handsome adventurous boy that loves animals and typically has crushes on girls named Sienna

Girl 1: Omg he's sooo hot
Girl 2: Oh he must be Borne

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Born - definition

A parking spot so great that you would have had to be born in it.

"Dude, do you see that born-in Hurry before the other car gets there"

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Born - slang

1. what all babies want to be

2. to come to life

3. to come to existence

All babies want to be borned. All babies want to be borned.

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A word used in a song or book

The book contains a borning word

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To wake up or come to.

I was born today in a rocking boat in the middle of a small pond. I had a cut on back side of my hand in the shape of a star...

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To be sexually aroused. Horny shortens down to horn, then changes to born. Hence sexually aroused: born.

"I getting really born just thinking about tonight!"

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