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What is goal?

When you try to explain to your mom what "on fleek" mean and "goals" so she says, "So I am on goals?"

"Wow Taylor, you are literally on goals."

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Goal - what is it?

targets you want to reach in relationships, life, ect.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are goals

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What does "goal" mean?

What every white girl says when they see any couple online or in public.

Person 1: "Oh look at that cute couple over there!"
Person 2: "Aw, they're holding hands!"
Person 1: "That is so Goals!"
Person 2: "I know, right? Goals!"

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Goal - what does it mean?

The ultimate goal, what you want to get. What to achieve in life. JM wrote about Snorlax: Snorlax eats as much food as it possibly can and then sleeps for as long as it wants. Snorlax is also one of the most powerful PokΓ©mon in the game. Snorlax is goals.

'First came across '... is goals' as used by Vulture writer Jackson McHenry in July 13, 2016 post about Pokemon Go.

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Goal - meaning

What dumbass girls say to eachother on Instagram when someone posts a pic that is very attractive or is of something they aspire to, like a relationship. It's basically a way of sucking up to someone and it's almost as annoying and shallow as when girls post shit like "omg stop being so perf!" and then of course the required response is "no that's you bb 😘" and it goes back and forth like that. Both examples are typically found thoroughly nauseating by non-sheeple types and those who don't seek validation via Instagram likes

Popular Bitch: *posts totally staged and/or photoshopped "spontaneous" selfie*

Less Popular Wannabe: "OMG GOALS!! Can u like stop being so pretty?"

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Goal - definition

a popular phrase in Buffalo after the Sabres lost to the Dallas Stars in game 6 of the Stanley Cup series in 1999. The goal involved Brett Hull's skate in the crease when he scored the series winning goal. Mass protests struck around Buffalo, but the result was upheld. To this this day, the words "No Goal" will always refer to Buffalo.

It was no goal, MAN, I hate Dallas!

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Goal - slang

exclamation to illistrate victory in a sexual conquest;
roots: derived from discription of scoring a point in soccer match;

c-bass: "Hey rick what happened with rhonita last night?"
rick: "Goal!"

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A state of the universe that has a non-zero desirability (in one's mind).

Billy set a goal; To get better at maths.

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Is what people scream on a football match when a goal is scored.

Supporter 1: Well, yesterday i call Tracy and them she said that...




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It is a statement written down in order to achieve a state of being at a given point in time. Unfortunately, only 3% of Americans have written goals. Those that have them are typically the most successful people.

Michael Phelps achieved his goal of 8 gold medals in the 2008 Summer Olympics.

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