Definder - what does the word mean?

What is scored?

Managing to have sex.

Looks like I won't be scoring tonight!

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Scored - what is it?

v. Getting disqualified from any sort of event due to faulty rulings on the group of people who are running the event.

I just got scored out of playing the rest of the even.

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What does "scored" mean?

engaged in the act of having sex.

you know that really hot guy that i met at the bar last night.. after talking to him for a bit, i knew i had him seduced so i took him to back my place and scored.

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Scored - what does it mean?

Getting laid by a hott honey, or getting toasted and banging an ugly honey... thinking shes a hott honey.

Guy 1: Dude I scored last night.
Guy 2: Ohh man, was she hott?
Guy 1: I don't remember...

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Scored - meaning

To get laid. Generally references a one night stand.

Guy 1: "So what did you do over the weekend?"
Guy 2: "I scored with that cheerleader I was hangin' with at the party friday"

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Scored - definition

Too fucked up to do anything.

Dude, I am too scored right now. The vodka just hit hard bro.

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Scored - slang

To buy or acquire drugs.

"I scored some lush skunk off my man earlier"

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Got laid. Had sex. 'Scored' mainly applies when getting laid for the first time with a person you have only just, or recently met.

1. "Man, I gotta go now, im gonne score big time with this Melissa chick"
2. " Oh damn, I scored big time last night..."

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Buying or otherwise acquiring drugs.

"I just scored some H while cruising the ghetto."

etc.. ;)

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To get off (kiss/snog/meet/shag) with a guy or girl.. or have a guy or girl who you like, like you as well.

example one:
guy 1: i scored that cute chick by the bar last night
guy 2: well in!!

example two:
girl 1: becca scored with jules you know!
girl 2: omg really? she is so lucky!!

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