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What is explain?

A phrase used by authority when the proverbial s**t has hit the fan/someone has done something really stupid and the responsible party/scapegoat is being called to answer and take liability for their actions (also known as getting a boot up the backside).

There have been reports of abusive language in front of customers, and management has asked for a Please Explain.

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Explain - what is it?

AKA - I don't want to take the time or energy to describe this to you.

Herp - "What do you mean by that?"
Derp - "Never mind, It's hard to explain..."

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What does "explain" mean?

The iconic war-cry of Australia's most lauded political idiot, Pauline Hanson.

Interviewer: Are you xenophobic?
Hanson: Please explain.

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Explain - what does it mean?


Speaking quickly and without articulation and with great enthusiasm.
Speaking to someone in a language they do not understand- with great enthusiasm.
Enthusiastically speaking without truly communicating anything, oftentimes in reference to a political speech.


After Mitt Romney’s televised speech I couldn’t help but feel that the whole thing had been little more than Fish-Explaining. There had been a lot of enthusiastic buzz-words but little had been actually communicated.

My mother-in-law forgot for the moment that I did not speak any Turkish. After she finished excitedly saying whatever it was she was saying I could only ask her what all her fish-explaining had been about.

The baby was incapable of speaking English but that didn’t stop him from enthusiastically telling anyone who would listen about the fish he was pointing at when visiting the New England Aquarium. I smiled at his gibbering antics- this was true fish-explaining.

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Explain - meaning

An explanation that makes a discussed situation less plain by complicating what's apparent.

Also describes the process of looking a gift horse in the mouth and naming each tooth, after you bring it home of course. That's appreciation.

Often used by doctors, lawyers, and sociologically sane scientists for profit. (The mad ones do it just for the kicks).

When "It works, just because," is no longer an acceptable explanation due to decreased intimidation and a refusal to settle.

"I've just invented a new word!"
"Could you give me a brief explaination?"
"One day a character with a ballooned ego blew his thumb until his brain burst to which he thought 'Gee, that was fun, I wonder what else I can do? What would Jason do? Hell in a hand basket? Better quit while I'm ahead.'"
"What's the word though?"
"I thought I just explained it to you!"
*Bitch Slap*
*Karate Chop*
*Jedi Knife Trick*
"Free scalp!"

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Explain - definition

Having to explain your expletive.

After dropping an F-Bomb at a live school board meeting, the school board member explainatively placed blame on a whiney dog.

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Explain - slang

To tell someone about something, like whats it for, whats it do, how much it costs. That's pretty much it.

I will explain why I always pick the people:
1) Mike
2) Liam
3) Lily
4) Bill
I picked those names since they are nice and short, and they came to my mind first. There, I just explained why I chose those names.

Mike: What's it like to have a dishwasher? Explain to me why it's so nice to have, and why I should spend my money on one.
Liam: Well, first off, you don't have to hand clean dishes, it does it for you. Also, it usually gets all the stuff off.
Mike: Explain why it's easier than hand washing stuff.
Liam: First off, you just have to put the dishes in, select the settings, start it, and enjoy life for the few hours you have before having to put them away.
Mike: Oh. Sounds like it's pretty easy, I'll get one tomorrow!

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The expression used to confirm another human's or alien's statement. If not sure of what the person is saying, ask them to explain themselves.

"Yo, what do you"

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To give an intoxicated explanation, typically one that is very drawn out, frequently goes off topic, and in the end does even make sense to personal explainating

She just doesn't get it... I tried to explainate it to her, but she just doesn't get it

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I am explaining the definition of the word explained.

I need help explaining how to milk a cow!!!! Somebody... anybody... HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The lady dosent think I explained it good enough.

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