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What is flips?

1. to roll up a blunt or joint. sell somethin makin profit or just to get it off.

1. ayyo heres the dutch flip that god

2. i just copped this qp... im bouta flip that... cop a halfy n b sittin good god werd motha

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Flips - what is it?

to take an investment or sum of money and quickly turn it around to a more profitable situation

To drastically change a situation around

I would take the property and flip it.

After Kennedy paid me back I flipped it in 30 days.

He was a player when I met him, but I flipped him in week.

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What does "flips" mean?

A very extreme term used to describe someone who is very annoying

"Did you just steal my money, you flipping flip"

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Flips - what does it mean?


how many chips do you got

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Flips - meaning

A game where one person flips a quarter getting either heads or tails. Then, the second person flips the quarter and tries to match what the first person got. If they match it, they get the money that was bet, usually $1.00. If they do not match what the first person got, then they have to give them their money.

I won $20 playing flips in math class!

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Flips - definition

a short, poor, cockey race of people from the philipine islands, hang out in groups of 5 to 10 people acting cockey and nammer squating at joyce skytrain station. They hate vietnamese people and will randomly attack or stab them for absolutly no reason only to be beat or killed by there cousins after. Will act cockey in groups and claim to want to rumble until nammers acctually show up and make them run.

"those cockey flips just got chopped at joyce"

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Flips - slang

Another way of saying Filippinos.
People from the Philippines.

Usually see them working at fast food restaurants, or places that students usually work at that pays less than $10 per hour.

Usually work as servents or nannys as well.

"Every McDonalds you go to, you'll always see flips working there."

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Slang for a Filipino.

Originally a derogatory term meaning Funny Little Island People.

Fucking flips stole my watch on the jeepney.

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A shortened word for flip flops.

I need to put my flips on before I leave the house.

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another way of saying filipino.
a person from philippines.
native to mississauga, ON.

" you don't look cambodian, you a flip? "

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