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What is math class?

The place where I got my afternoon naps.

Besides addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, higher level math is absolutely worthless to the everyday Joe. When's the last time you used Calculus at the supermarket or ever?

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math class - video

Math class - what is it?

A class teaching a variety of concepts like algebra, geometry, etc.

The math class taught so much advanced algebra.

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What does "math class" mean?

A place to stare and wander in space. A time to think deeply about your life. And fail many tests because of lack of intrest in pointless math problems.


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Math class - what does it mean?

in my opinion schools dont need teach math anymore because of calculators and the advanced technology we have today. doing math in your head takes too long and ruins a child's life everyday. and technology is easy and takes seconds. so there really no need for those big senseless textbooks, depressing homework, and stressful standardized tests. well that was my opinion for the definition see hell.

tom: have you seen billy?

janette: didnt you hear?

tom: no, wht happened?

janette: billy died in math class this morning. his brain exploded. i was there.

*moment of silence for billy*

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Math class - meaning

4 letter word subject class popularized in the United States without a clear purpose or direction of application.


Elementary- The basics of addition, substraction, multiplication and division are learned.

Middle School- Basics of algebra for apparently 3 years. Learn to lose all primary math skills with the introduction of uber calculators.

High School-

>> Algebra again, reteaching everything done in middle school in about a week.

>> Geometry, learn how much a cup can hold and how to plug numbers in, in place of letters.

>> Algebra 2, finally figure out functions are just equations of primary math that you plug numbers into. No previous algebra experience necessary to pass. Screw around with moving letters around all year.

>> Calculus, learn how to calculate the volume of a donut and the area under the curves of random lines using differential calculations. Useful, but the calculator does it faster and more accurately and generally common sense guesses will suffice. Get lots of homework and an unintelligible foreign teacher.

>> Statistics, what are the odds of you failing that class? Practice the statistical probability by using your scantron tests as one big lottery ticket.

y=ln(e^(rt)+x) wtf that ain't no math that all letters and a chinese hat biatch! Friggin math class!

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Math class - definition

Organized attempt to force you into exercising your brain. PE for gray matter.

Like jumping higher and higher as you get older, or running ever faster, you learn to apply your mind to more and more complex matters in math class.

Except when your teacher is a lowly paid couldn't-care-less public servant. Then you're fucked.

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Math class - slang

Everything that means nothing

Train A leaves Boston at 6:00PM as the driver eats waffels and hashbrowns. Train B leaves Minneapolis traveling 110MPH while the driver headbangs to Enter Sandman. What is Driver A's favorite song?

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Math class

1. A place where a logical, meaningful, and beautiful natural philosophy is most likely completely mangled by one who couldn't really understand it and therefore got a job teaching. This person, in my personal experience, probably also lacks a sense of humor, common sense, and, quite possibly, a soul.

1. I spent a lot of time in a lot of math classes trying to catch up on sleep.

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Math class

The reason most smart kids got the crap beaten out of them for 7 or so years.

X: Dude, I love math class; word problems are interesting and I always get good grades.
Y: I'm going to shit on your face for saying that.

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Math class

A cruel and unusual mental torture involving sitting in a class for about an hour, trying to find out why the crap X and Y are such punks.

Suzy and Gary are going to a store, he buys 16,000 rounds for an M16, Suzy wants to buy an AK-47. Clearly Suzy has made the better choice, as she needs 17,000 more ammo magazines for it. 24 people are standing in line somewhere else, what is the meaning of life, what is the best car ever made. 14 more people want to buy guns. I have a pet dog, which is totally unrelated to this math problem, but hey, its math, its not supposed to make sense. Solve for X, punk!

Math class made me have multiple fractures in my skull, due to the fact that I slam my head on the desk for my free time during math class, as it is less agonizing than wracking my brain to solve a problem.

Tee hee.

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