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What is birth control?

the act of using an alias for a one night stand

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Birth control - what is it?

1)An EXTREMELY RELIABLE technology that mysteriously becomes
less reliable for a woman-the wealthier a man is.
2)An EXTREMELY RELIABLE technology that has been available-in
at least nine different forms to women-for now about
50 YEARS.(There's only two for men:Condom.Vasectomy.)This means nine different forms BEFORE you even
touch abortion or sterilization...But "unplanned"/unwanted
kids still get here.
3)An EXTREMELY RELIABLE technology-available more to women
than men.Yet newsmedia continues to blame men for
irresponsible breeding.Interesting.I've never met a man
who decided when a baby would be born.

SPORTS ANCHOR:"On the day of the draft-the now rich,young QUARTERBACK
found himself served with PATERNITY SUIT papers."

CHICK TO DUDE:"It's okay.I'm on the BIRTH CONTROL pill.My
doctor says I can't get pregnant anyway.I
just want to FEEL you."

happened.I was'nt planning on this...but I
don't believe in abortion.Sooo..."

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What does "birth control" mean?

Specially marketed Pez candy. Although the 3rd world country Pez works better to stop pregnancys

I need more birth control mom, my Captain Kirk Despencer is out.

This Birth Control tastes like elephant

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Birth control - what does it mean?

See Linux.

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Birth control

What humans are reluctant to do since sex is a fun activity.

The Catholic church states that birth control is evil, even if the parents can't afford to raise even one child.

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Birth control

A way to save a lot of money over the next 18 years.

"Dude, I'm glad that skank was on birth control! I can't afford to be her baby daddy."

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Birth control

Screaming or crying children that kill any desire for sex for those that hear their earpiercing shrieks.

Do you hear that screaming baby? That's the sound of birth control.

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Birth control

A method used to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

Something that most inner city women in impoverished urban areas are alergic to.

Shaquanda just got her goverment check and had a choice of either getting some birth control, or buying a new pair of shoes.

Shaquanda now has two kids with no dad in sight. So guess where her money went?

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Birth control

something that your mom forgot to use before you were born.

*while giving birth*

Your mom: Damn, I should have used birth control....
Your dad: Damn straight!

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Birth control

A medication that prevents unwanted pregnancy AND also regulates menstral cycles. A lot of girls go on birth control JUST to regulate their cycles.

I'm still a virgin and my gyno put me on it because I have heavy periods.. Well it really helped in that area, and it also made my boobs grow another cup size!!

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