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What is humans?

literal fucking mistakes.

"humans are so fucking dumb, take americans for example"

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Humans - what is it?

1. The cause of the 6th mass extinction in Earth's timeline
2. A detriment to pretty much every animal that has lived within the past 50,000 years.

Me: "So, how do you think of humans."
bear: "They're fucking terrible. They kill our population, take over our land, and now we have to deal with the ass smelling smog that pumps out of their moving boxes. Do you know how many animals have gone extinct because of these assholes? I mean the only animals who are actually benefiting from these fuckers are cats and dogs. They betrayed our own kind and decided to side with the humans. It's like they don't even know the damage humans are causing to the rest of their kind while they sleep in their giant cabins being manipulated with bones and yarn. And don't even get me started on those bricks they stare at all day long."
Me: "Yeah, We're pretty fucking terrible."
bear: "Yeah, you are."

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What does "humans" mean?

Almost everyone else who sent in a definition forgot to specify that only SOME humans are idiots. Others actually try to make the world a better place.

Humans asdfj kl;as dfjkl;

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Humans - what does it mean?

Very clever(?) parasites that manage not only to manipulate other lifeforms in order to fulfil their ever expanding desires, but also to brainwash themselves into believing that they are doing this for the good of these others.

"I enjoy hanging out with him when there is nobody else available, not because his pathetic existence makes me feel better about mine, and not because I am afraid of being alone,..... it's because we're friends and I think he needs company"

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Humans - meaning

God's biggest mastake of all.

God: I think I will make Humans...

* Then the first Human was born *

God: OH SHIT!!

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Humans - definition

1.)S.T.U.P.I.D. (Something The Underworld Puked Into Destiny...)

2.) An Insualt to any other animal in existence.

3.) God's way of dilapadating and destroying Earth.

4.) What scientests believe seperate them from "animals" (which humans are to) is the fact they have emotions. (THAT PISSES ME OFF THE MOST)

5.) Last but not least, God punishing the Earth, for unknown reasons...

1.) *BARF* Its a boy!

2.) Dude, you're such a human! *gunshot*

3.) (God): Hmm...alright, Kill the Dinos, I got a new way for the Earth to Pay *snicker*

4.)You kick a dog, it might bite your head off, or run away crying, THAT WAS A PERFECT DISPLAY OF EMOTION!!!

5.) (Earth): Nooooo! Im sorry I made Mars jealous of color!!! What will you do?!

(God):Put humans on your planet.

(Earth): MERCY! NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!1

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Humans - slang

sad people who walk and cry til they die

did u know that i am a humans

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A large planetary parasitic species in which the parasite slowly destroys the Earth bit by bit. Comparable to parasites such as malaria on the macroscopic level.

Humans log a large amount of wood from heavy photosynthesis areas such as the tropics, which used to contribute over 20% of all of the Earth's oxygen production.

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1. Members of the species homo sapiens.

2. The members of the species homo sapiens taken as a group. While not the most numerous species either in individual number or in biomass, they consider themselves the dominant species of their planet, which the majority of them call "Earth." This claim is quite possibly justified, seeing as they have covered a great deal of it with their own constructions, never realizing that they are destroying many of the resources they depend upon in the process.

Many of them believe they were created by some sort of god, however, few agree upon exactly what form this god takes nor what his opinions on certain matters are.

Essentially, a bunch of mother fuckers who think they're leet haxors just because they've progressed so far that they have the nuclear capabilities blow up the Earth, and yet still can't manage to live on the same planet without starting a few hundred wars a year, consuming the natural resources they depend upon without heed for their future, mistreating each other for various superficial reasons such as race or ethnic group or in some cases for no reason at all, and continually complaining about the problems they've created for themselves.

1. Hey, look! Some humans!

2. Humans are pretty stupid, aren't they?

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The doom of this planet.

"Humans are nothing but fucking viruses with shoes."

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