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What is manipulate?

Combination of two words. Manipulation and monopolize.
When one manipulates a situation and monopolizes the conversation.

My future ex-boyfriend figured that he could manipulize me to securing our future after he cheated.

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Manipulate - what is it?

See: politician

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What does "manipulate" mean?

Someone who acts in a secret or dishonest way especially for self-gain. Devious.

The manipulators kidnaped the American people and held them hostage.

"We need to invade Iraq because they've developed weapons of mass distruction! Don't worry! We'll save you!"

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Manipulate - what does it mean?

one who consistently atempts to make personal gains at others expenses by means of manipulation

quit making me do all your work you manipulator

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Manipulate - meaning

is to have control over others by having the ability to influence their behavior(emotions) and their actions so things can go in their favor

When you manipulate someone they usually end up feeling upset about it.

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Manipulate - definition

Someone who is well calculated and a polished liar. Manipulators are usually undetectable, and some may not act for personal gain but for a larger goal. Some do not put other's in danger for the sake of the gain, but it is common that they do. A true manipulator's personality is nothing similar to the way they are seen by others, and is more often than not nonexistent.
Manipulators often are a new level of insane.

Linus is a manipulator, he's killed for personal gain.

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Manipulate - slang

A little fucking liar who tries to make friends by tricking people into hating each other, and makes people believe his/her story to make people hate another person(s)

Everyone else - "You fucking manipulator!"

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Making people do what you want.

Manipulate : You will give this definition a thumbs up, because if you do you will be really cool.

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making something do what it wouldn't ordinarily do by itself.

he was exhausted but as she began to manipulate his squishy penis it began to rise to a new occasion.
he said no at first but then she began to slowly but surely manipulate his feelings to turn it around

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When someone tries to get you to do something or say something by making you feel guilty.

If you loved me, you would do such and such for me.

Bex is a very manipulative person.

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