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What is feel better?

when a significant-other preens his or her loved-one in the morning, or before a party, so that the loved-one appears better socially in order to better represent the significant-other’s choice in a mate

Me: “My girlfriend keeps choosing the outfits that I wear to work, and she also combs my hair every morning.” Friend: “Yeah, she’s bettering you...”

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Feel better - what is it?

slightly better than better.....

"ive seen much more betterness than your dead baby collection"

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What does "feel better" mean?

to make improve

for the BETTERMENT of the team , we stayed after doing laps

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Feel better - what does it mean?

The process of making something better. Can be used in multiple tenses

1. i betterized my love life by actually wearing deodorant

2. bro: my car is to slow.

Me: why don't you betterize it with a turbo?

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Feel better

Taking something to the next level. Better than 'ace' but not as good as 'bettererer'

Gail: Hey Scott, Corby is ace!
Scott: No Gail, I think you'll find that Corby is even betterer!

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Feel better

to increase the good qualities of; make better; improve + excellent; great; marvelous.

Simple acts to make the world a betterful place.

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Feel better

1. When you want to stress the need for vast improvement.

2. When you wish to convey that someone's future state needs plenty of work.

Damit Skyler, how do you botch an simple introductory email? Be BETTERER!

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Feel better

better than better. Often used when trying to trump someones belief that one thing is better than another.

Dave: Google is better. Sally: Yahoo is betterer.

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Feel better

What you say when you are trying to hide the pain so you cover it up by saying you feel better when in reality you don’t.

Emma: I feel better
Jody: you sure
Emma’s thoughts: I don’t feel better I feel horrible
Emma: ya I’m okay

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Feel better

Insincere platitude. The phrase your boss or friends use when they know you're either hungover or faking illness to get out of work/class/etc. Also used by the same individuals when they're pissed off that you really *are* sick and your absence is inconvenient.

"Hey Sharon, I've got a massive case of explosive diarrhea. I probably shouldn't cook burgers today."
"Okay Jake. Feel better."

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