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What is irresponsible?

Losing something that does not belong to you;
Failing to meet expectations

Emma was irresponsible when she lost her neighbor's dog.

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Irresponsible - what is it?

a disease that causes the media to compensate for a lack of real news by hyping up the threat of some random virus such as SARS.

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Better watch out, the media is breaking out with IPBJ again.

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What does "irresponsible" mean?

The first song on the Marilyn Manson album, Antichrist Superstar. It was was remixed for the movie saw II, and it's famous for it's chorus:
and had the word "nigger" three times, and that didn't piss a lot of people off, surprisingly. A very cool song.

1. Irresponsible Hate Anthem: Fuck it!
2. The Flytrap Irresponsible Hate Anthem remix for Saw II

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Irresponsible - what does it mean?

A tall guy dating a short girl, thereby depleting the already limited pool of possible suitors for tall ladies.

Woman 1 (6 feet tall): I can't believe tall Tom is dating that tiny chick.
Woman 2: Yeah, totally selfish of him. Socially irresponsible dating should be illegal.

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To do something irrisponsible to avoid doing something more irresponsible.

Jimmy: I didn't want to drive home so i got so drunk that i couldn't find my car.
Arjay: Yeah, way to be irresponsibly responsible

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Singing a song with little to no regard to the actual lyrics.

Chrystina: " pour some salty rammmeennn~"

Sheena: *sigh* " the lyrics are: 'pour some sugar on me.' You are so lyrically irresponsible Chrystina!"

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1) the state of being both irresponsible and unresponsive; 2) a quality you will be accused of possessing by your father when you tell him you are pregnant at 19 and are unable to explain how you let it happen.

"You're pregnant?! How did this happen?! I cannot believe your irresponsiveness, young lady!"

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adj., belligerently drunk. Coined in this context at the University of Illinois in 2002.

Man, we got irresponsible last night.

"I plan on being irresponsible by about 10:30 this evening."

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A person(men) who does a series of stupid events, someone who can’t do anything right.

Jack got drunk last night, drunk drove and got into an argument with a cop. Jack is irresponsible.

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