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What is anally?

A rejected Mortal Kombat finisher for Male characters. When performed the fighter would perform anal sex on the opponent and each time they stroke blood would come out till they exploded. If this finisher is done in Goro's Lair there would a funny scene in which the opponent drops the soap. This had many variants like for example the finisher Babality-Anality where the fighter would transform the opponent into a baby and then proceed to perform Anality on the opponent while they are in baby form. One other variant of the move was called the Animality-Anality where the fighter turns into an animal and then performs Anality while the opponent tries to get away and resist Anality, eventually the fighter catches the opponent and performs Anality but instead of the opponent exploding to death, the opponent (with awkwardly positioned legs) tries to walk away but end up having their legs fall off, the fighter (as an animal) sees this and begins walking towards the enemy who is trying to get away and then the screen turns black, blood then splatters all over the screen as painful moaning sounds are made by the opponent.

This finisher is similar to the Sexality finisher.

If Anality is attempted in real life the person receiving Anality would probably lose the ability to walk rather than explode

Meat Wins!

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Anally - what is it?

its like having a dick in your ass

i've never tried anal...whats it like? it's like having a dick in your ass

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What does "anally" mean?

Something that may happen when you are trying to lose your virginity but you are too tight and it slips in the wrong hole

We couldn't get it in and it slipped causing me to scream wrong hole, and that's the first time I did anal

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Anally - what does it mean?

What to avoid in prison.

After dropping my soap, I just let it be so as not to incite an anal rampage.

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When a crotch rocket enters the caverns of life.

Sarah to Doug "Will you please take the damn trash out?"

Doug "Na playin Fortnite"

Sarah "I'll give you Anal!"

Doug "ON IT!" (Rockets off Couch)

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To take or be taken up the anus, trap two, sayloch, poop shoot, chocolate starfish etc

If you go to Caesars in Codnor it's twenty quid for a hand job, or for a hundred you can get analized!

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An ass fucking monster that takes any and all assholes on in the bedroom.

That bitches asshole was so big that it loks as if the Analizer has hammered it in the past.

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Sweet girl who looks sweet on the outside and is even nicer on the inside. However watch out and don’t get on her nerves because she will roast you. Always there for you when you need her and is a super pretty girl. If you find her, never let go, she is an amazing person.

-Hey you see that beautiful girl over there?
-Yeah that’s Anallely! Go talk to her, she’s super kind!

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The improper pronunciation of annually

I have to go to the dentist anally for a check up

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The adverb form of anal typically refering to sex.

"Sam got anally screwed last night!"

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