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What is improper?

The antonym of proper bo

Mike: "Simon is late again!"

Geoff: "That is improper bo I don’t tell thou"

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Improper - what is it?

a person whose chest is much larger than their abdomen (from a term for a fraction where the numerator is greater than the denominator)

Only after her plastic surgery did she realize that she had become an improper fraction.

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What does "improper" mean?

College football game played on Sep. 17, 2011 between THE Ohio State Buckeyes and the Miami Hurricanes (also a rematch of the 2002 National Championship game). Noteworthy because both programs are currently under serious NCAA investigation for receiving several "improper benefits" such as cash and discount tattoos in exchange for team memorabilia (OSU), and yacht cruises and sex parties (UM), all widely covered in the mainstream media.

ESPN presents "The Improper Benefits Bowl" sponsored by Fine Line Ink Tattoos and the South Beach Yacht Club.

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Improper - what does it mean?

A couple where the woman is larger than the man, either in height or weight.

Dave: Do you see that couple over there? She's enormous and he's thin as a rail.
Bob: Yeah, I always feel bad for guys in an improper fraction.

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Improper - meaning

A woman who has big breasts and no ass. A woman who is large at the top and small at the bottom.

"You have 36DDs and you wear a size 4 with no ass. You are an improper fraction"

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Improper - definition

a dumpling that shows up where it doesn't belong...

did you see that wee mad improper dumpling that just appeared in ma tomato soup...

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Improper - slang

When a girl's breasts are bigger than her bum, she is susceptible to the insult of being an improper fraction.

Hey, see Veronica over there? She's a real improper fraction.

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A maths-based joke that refers to working towards, but not completely achieving, getting a root. It is essentially a failed attempt to tune or woo a female.

1. "Nah look... I didn't actually root her. It was more of an improper root."

"So nothing happened then."

"Uh... nah, we just chatted."
2. "Old mate Will got an improper root last night."

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noun; Improper respect. In reference to props; Inadequate recognition of stature.

"Stolling through the 'hood after winning the lottery, I found myself receiving improps from the locals."
"This broad gave me improps!"

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Improper is an adjective; it refers to conduct which is not in accordance with accepted standards, especially of morality or honesty. It can also mean behaviour lacking in modesty and decency.

Some Americans think that Donald Trump’s behaviour is improper.
The behaviour of Malcolms is improper.

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