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What is your ass?

lose most, if not all, of money you have gambled or risked

The longer you play the slot machines the more certain it becomes that you will do your ass.

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Your ass - what is it?

Command: move, get going.

Move your ass, soldier!

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What does "your ass" mean?

To take preemptive steps to make sure that you don't get into trouble with anyone.

You had better cover your ass and get insurance for that car or else someone could sue you for everything you own.

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Your ass - what does it mean?

When a hurt, spiteful person posts something personal, private and intimate about another person where that person will in turn feel betrayed, embarrassed, hurt, or even criminally prosecuted.

She told John she wanted to be with him for the rest of her life, then she changed her mind. John didn't take too kindly with her decision. He told her, "Bitch, I'll Facebook your ass, so he Facebooked her ass and posted her brazenly bragging about all of her recent misdeeds

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Your ass


This is your ass speaking. All hands on deck! We have a torpedo coming down the tube!

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Your ass

Being terrible at something such as a sport or video game.

Bro your ass at nhl 18 .

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Your ass


The second person singular pronoun.

Your ass better eat some breakfast if we're going to go on that ride.

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Your ass

1) A cum receptacle. 2) what you poop out of.

Man, look at your ass! its dripping cum!

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Your ass

Amplifier for sentence or reference to a(n) persons ass

Josh: Shut your ass up!
Noah: Cut that shit out before bust your ass!

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Your ass

A term used in St. Louis, Missouri to mean "You are wrong" or "no way that can be true".

Statement: Pauley Shore is the toughest dude in Hollywood...Reply: "Your Ass"

"If you don't shut up, I'm going to knock you out!" Reply: "Your Ass"

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