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What is Power Dump?

An explosive duke that often results from the consumption of Mexican cuisine.

Jerry had to sprint to the outhouse to take a power dump after eating a number 4 at Taco John's.

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Power Dump - video

Power Dump - what is it?

Bowel movement which travels at extreme speeds; Aided by compressed gas behind the feces, producing a rocket-like display of power; Known to rattle the pipes as it's flushed.

It hurts so bad to hold this in. I just know it'll be a power dump!

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What does "Power Dump" mean?

A sort of "atomic" shit delivered en force from an elevated position. Often performed by standing with feet on the crapper, and bracing hands on the wall.

"Holy shit, what happened in here?"
"I took a power dump"

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Power Dump - what does it mean?

You know that feeling when you need to make a trip to the bathroom, and quick? well the power dump is when you poopie it out so fast that it splashes your bottom! thats the power dump

Oh gawd, i gotta make a run, dont expect me out anytime soon, Its The Power Dump!

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Power Dump - meaning

you know when you have to take a huge dump that youve held in for hours and then you take a poop and and it comes out like rapid fire and gets you wet. usually followed by a wet bumbum or ballsac and a really good feeling like the weight of the world has been lifted of your shoulders.

dude i ate that bag o pretzels and like 3 hours later whaddyaknow i took a huge power dump.

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Power Dump - definition

When you take a crap that is so big and comes out so fast that the toilet water splashes up and gets all ovewr your ass or nuts

Damn my ass is soaked after that power dump

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Power Dump - slang

When in awkward surrounding,or in an unknown home or location and wish to be discreet about dumping to pass of you were only taking a piss not a dump, you power it through quicker than usual or under time constraints.

ahh dammit.. im at my girlfriends parents house and i need a shit...better power dump it out to save the embarrasment.

my train leaves in 2 minutes and need a shit..better PD before it comes

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Power Dump

Contrary to popular belief, a power dump is a term used when one is so busy that time cannot be wasted!
Commonly used whilst raiding in World of Warcraft, and you want to remain top of the damage meter.... I suppose it can also apply to work, watching sports... whatever.
To save valuable seconds, you go in, and instead of relaxing and letting nature do the work, you push til you're red in the face and force that shit out and 100mph!! Followed by a speed wipe, then back to doing whatever it was you're doing.

Krasek: Gotta take a dump!

Kuro: Hurry dude, we're about to start on the last boss!

(30 seconds later)

Krasek: Back

Kuro: That was fucking quick!!

Krasek: Yeah I know, power dump FTW!! May have given myself a hernia though.

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Power Dump

Like a Power Nap, when you have no time to waste and squeeze out a turd as fast as possible. Unlike other suggestions, this dump is normally performed at work, often with the consumption of fast food.

Tom couldn't hold the prairie dog while closing the deal, so he lied to the customer about "blowing his nose" so he could take a power dump!

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Power Dump

1. The kind of dump that if at work going to the handicap stall is a must as the bars are needed for extra grip. 2. A massive explosion of fecal matter that splatters the porceline toilet and shoots up towards your balls, vagina or butt. 3. A dump that when completed is well worth bragging to your friends.

Tyrel: Where were you for the last hour?
Jebadiah: I was in the male restroom taking a massive power dump. Dude you should have seen it!
Tyrel: That sounds awesome!

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