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What is Damn?

Too, too much.

It's damn Hot. (it's too hot)

She's damn sexy (too sexy)

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Damn - what is it?

1. A word that one describes with great zeal when something obvious, dumb, or a moment where one should chillax.

2. Expressing shock in a situation.

3. Sometimes used upon viewing an ugly chick.

1. Jeff Creason: "Damn dude, chill your balls man"

Matt: "Ight man take it easy"

2. Homie: Damn lookiedat dawg!

3. Homie 2: I don't know homie, she pretty ugly. Damn.

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What does "Damn" mean?

1. A cry of anguish
2. Sentence enhanser

Q: What did the fish say when he ran into the brick wall?
A: "Son of a bitch!"

Woman, go get me a damn sandwich before I scissor kick your teeth down your throat.

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Damn - what does it mean?

A word for all purposes

1. Damn, my dog shat on me
2.I dont give a damn
4. DAMN, that ass :D
5. You slept with me girlfriend? DAMN YOU
6. Why you so damn ugly?

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Damn - meaning

A word

Damn her ass phat 🤪

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Damn - definition

When you see a girl, and she is looking fine you gotta say damn.

Man, she fine

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Damn - slang

A word used for seeing a hot guy/girl

Damn that guy that walked by is so lit

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A word you use when you don't give a shit about what a person says

Person A: (Writes a 4 paragraph rant about their feelings)

Person B: Damn

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Shadow the Hedgehog's favorite word.

"Where's that damn fourth chaos emerald?"

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The all purpose word.

Example 1: *See's hot girls* Damn.

Example 2: *Your team loses a game* Damn.

Example 3: *You spill coffee on a white shirt* Damn.

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