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What is Grease Monkey?

A term for someone that needs a shower.

That girl is gross, she looks like a grease monkey.

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Grease Monkey - video

Grease Monkey - what is it?

1. Someone who has bits of food, grease, etc. in their facial hair or normal hair.

2. Someone who loves working on cars.

George: Man, John never puts a hairnet on when using the deep fat frier. What a grease monkey.

Josh: All that that grease monkey Joel does all day is work on cars.

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What does "Grease Monkey" mean?

a smooth suave sophisticated kid with greasy hair

charles:Did you here about that kid george
jack:yeah i heard he's a total grease monkey

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Grease Monkey - what does it mean?

The kid at school who never bathes. This causes his/her hair to have plenty of attractive grease in it.

"Did you see Todd today?"
"Holy shit, yeah. That kid is a total grease monkey."

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Grease Monkey - meaning

operator of mechanical equipment,usually on a construction site

Diesel powered cement mixer:
Small and large dumpers;
Various other equipment

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Grease Monkey - definition

An unlicensed or on-the-side mechanic that you go to when you can't afford to go to a real mechanic. Often used when the job is simple, or you no longer want to dump money into your very old car.
Can also be applied to a halfway knowledgable person in any field (ie: computer repairs, home repairs, gender reassignment)

"I took my car to this grease monkey I know and he screwed up my tranny. That'll teach me to stop being cheap."

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Grease Monkey - slang

Someone who deliberately does not wash their hair reguarly and is regarded by others as a greasy skett. Hair smells and dandruff flakes are apparent they are not pleasent to look at.

Emma Staunton

"Go grease lightning"

"You' ve got enough grease on top to open up a chip shop!!"

"Err have you seen that Grease Monkey over there!? She wants to go get that hair of hers checked out by the Grease Police!"

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Grease Monkey

A teenager going through the tough times of puberty that begins to create a thick layer of grease upon ones face

Kevin: Mike, did you hear Nunzio is becoming a grease monkey?

Mike: My older brother just went through that, it's discusting!

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Grease Monkey

A mechanic in the navy.

We need a grease monkey!

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Grease Monkey

A person who works on cars a lot is called a grease monkey because your hands get full of grease. Never thought it was racist because the only people I ever knew called that were white, so I didn't make the connection people make with Monkey being a slur against brown people. Also didn't think it was a put down on blue collar workers (of any race) because those were the only people I knew. It was just descriptive. It could have situational racial or economic negative connotations. Example: some wealthy person tries to put down any person working on their car by calling them a Grease Monkey in a derogatory way...most mechanics take pride in their work and themselves, so that would be confusing, and really only prove the rich guy was a pompous ass who doesn't know how to fix his own car.

My Dad and his brothers were grease monkeys, so I learned how to fix my own car.

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