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What is monkey?

1. term of endearrment. best when modified by a verb or adjective. can only be applied with love, when no other nick name will do.

2. someone who scampers about frequently.

love monkey; sex monkey; crazy monkey

that Dee Dee, she's such a monkey!

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monkey meme gif

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Monkey - what is it?

An evil creature that inhabits ones closet.

There's an evil monkey in my closet.

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What does "monkey" mean?

One of the three primary ingredients of a good game.

Nothing in life can not be improved with either monkeys, pirates or ninjas

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Monkey - what does it mean?

(n.) Slang term for vagina.

"I got all up in her monkey last night."

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Monkey - meaning

George W Bush, our president.

That monkey has done it again! He raised our gas prices!

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Monkey - definition

1. furry animals with loveable characters.

2. cockney term for £500

1. i was walking with my missus past the monkeys at London zoo, one of the bastards threw its own shite at us!!

2. "Fuckin' ell, just bought a Danny Marr for a monkey! Jubbly

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Monkey - slang

a animal that lives in trees and eats banana's

any of the pg tips actors are monkeys

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A slang term for female genitalia

Twerk that monkey lemme see you get low

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One who holds a job that requires little or no intelligence and could basically be done by any of the lesser primates.

I hate being a supermarket monkey.

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The most awesome animal in the world. Can be tamed to play instruments, act in movies, etc. He who has a monkey 0wns.

I bought a monkey yesterday, and now I am extremely cool.

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