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What is Crying?

A thing you do when you are sad it will most likely happen if you are sad for a while
A thing you can cause on accident or on purpose
Something that can also be caused by gagging

On purpose
Fake Gagging
On accident
Real gagging can cause crying

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Crying - what is it?

the sound people make when they realise its Monday.

this morning I was crying because now I have to use my alarm.

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What does "Crying" mean?

1. something people do when they need to let out a lot of bottled emotion
2. something you do when you realize you made a huge mistake
3. something you do when you lose someone special or close to you. something tat has nothing to do with meakness, because its perfectly natural to cry.

After we had sex on monday, i cried for 4 hours because i think it was a mistake since we're not in a relationship.i hate crying over you.

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Crying - what does it mean?

Something you will do from ages 0-7 then believe you have grown out of it from 8-14 then realise you will spend the rest of your life crying daily

Rando : u look like you’ve been crying

You: haha yeah

Rando : BIG ooft their bro

You : large ooft bruh
Rando : no worries bro everything will be ok

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Crying - meaning

Crying is not a sign of weakness, but rather a sign of sadness, depression, extreme stress, or excruciating pain.
It's literally impossible for any human being to go through a lifetime without crying.

I was crying when my great grandfather died.

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Crying - definition

An allergic reaction usually caused by life.

"Are you crying?"
"No, I'm having an allergic reaction."
"To what?"

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Crying - slang

To cleanse your soul with tears that are full of so much pain

Person1 : why are you crying
Person2 : I’m hurt

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It's a natural human emotion, not a sign of weakness.
Sometimes as humans, we just have to let our emotions take their share.
We just have to cry.
Whether you're heartbroken
or just depressed.
Dont let it build up inside of you.
You're not weak when you cry.

She isn't coming back to life.
I cant make her.
Sometimes, crying is all I can do.
I just wish it was me.

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Something real men do.

John was seen crying when Samantha fucked his mom.

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Some people cry because they have so many emotions building up inside them that they've been holding on for too long.
People also cry when they're hurt.

Dealing with crying is simple, just give chocolate, or some kind of comfort food, and hugs.

I was crying yesterday, idk why but I just feel sad today

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