Definder - what does the word mean?

What is sad?

Also an acronym for Social Anxiety Disorder.

Dude, the shrink diagnosed me with S.A.D!

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Sad - what is it?

pathetic or boring.

this site is sad

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What does "sad" mean?

1. Pathetic.
2. Said when someone does something annoying or is being a cunt.

1. "You wank 10 times a day? That's sad."
2. "Fuck Off, sad cunt."

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Sad - what does it mean?

1. Social Anxiety Disorder
2. Seasonal Affective Disorder

1. The SAD is making her really shy.
2. He's sad because he has SAD.

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Sad - meaning

1) adjective: unhappy, miserable.
2) adverb: describing an action as being really unfair or uncalled for and totally and utterly pathetic.

1) I was sad when my fish died.

2) Dumping someone by sms text message is just sad.

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Sad - definition


dont you think people obsessed with twilight are soo sad??

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Sad - slang


It's sad that Mark still lives with his mom, even though he's 35.

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1) Unhappy

2) Of a miserable state and unenviable lifestyle.

3) Acronym.


Medical condition pulled out of the ass of a phyciatrist as an excuse for bad parenting, without saying it.

Little tommy isn't doing shit in school because he has SAD. He does not like daylight savings bullshit, and therefore, spends his time in school beating off to his teacher's fine ass.

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1. something depressing
2. a feeling of being depressed

i was so sad the other night i just wanted to end my life.

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anyone who puts their own name on this website.

these nerds who put their own name on this website as a way of making themselves feel better are sad make me want to hurt myself

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