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What is weakness?

A term to describe something too funny to be called "funny", thus it should be referred to as weak. It was too created in Virginia Beach.

That dude is old as shit, Weakkkkkk!!!!!!

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Weakness - what is it?

Of poor performance or stature; highly unsatisfactory.

The party on Saturday night was broken up early; shit was weak.

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What does "weakness" mean?

One of Eric Cartman's (South Park) favorite words, partnered by lame

Butters: Yeah, me and AWESOME-O even had a slumber party last night!
Cartman: Weak.

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Weakness - what does it mean?

The mental-emotional state when heavily attracted to or sprung on a girl; usually in regards to specific attributes, characteristics, or traits. May be synonymous/ interchangeable with "crushing" or "smitten."

Connotation usually suggests defeat, captivity, and submission.

Damn, you see that ass on Renee? Between that and those mean collarbones, I automatically got "the weakness."


- Hey bruv, how come you ain't make it to the Lucky Baldwin's last night?
- Date night with the lady...I think I have "the weakness."

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Weakness - meaning

means "funny" or "amused"
originated in virginia beach va

"he had me so weak"
"it was suuuuper weak"

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Weakness - definition

generally unimpressive or how some people would put it, "sad"

Person 1: I got a B+ on my test.
Person 2: JUST a B+? That's weak.

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Weakness - slang

Something so funny it makes you laugh so hard that you become weak

(Popular in Southeast Virginia)

That's hilarious! I'm weak, bro.

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a term used to describe someone who has a drinking problem, usually alcoholics.

The Irish are known for having the weakness.

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Useing hate to cover up emotions instead of dealing with them.

BEING A HATEFUL IDIOT with no condescending elegance or brains, weakness.

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To be weak, stupid, lame, cowardly, bore, and all the other URBAN language you got for a loser, but put into a form of a noun.

Don't be hooking up weakness.

Weakness overfloweth from you bro.

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