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What is build up?

The face you make right before you laugh very hard. Your eyebrows will rise and your mouth will drop down.

RoLliE BoY: Dude, build up man
YuNg$HaRkCitY$aVAge: Proceds to build up

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Build up - what is it?


1. a specific kind of tease: an individual who extensively and repetitively leads on another individual in a romantic and/or sexual way, but fails to follow-through.

2. an individual who flakes out of romantic/sexual promises plans at the very last minute, often without sufficient reason or cause.

Can be abbreviated with the acronym BMUB.

She called me five times last week, but when I wanted to schedule a date for this week, she never picked up my calls or answered my texts- totally a build-me-up-buttercup.

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What does "build up" mean?

A common cause for divorce.

Jane's marriage failed due to "waxy marital build-up".

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Build up - what does it mean?

Boulder Build-Up is when someone (usually over weight men and women) have dirt and sweat build up under or between cracks in there body from limited exersise and movement. Normally occurs under your arms, between your legs, under your flab (fat) or in more sever cases just in open areas. This dirt build up sometimes falls out in large chunks often named Boulder Build-Up.

Bob: "Oh gee i really need to go to the toilet"
Bob: (mind) ill just lif up my fat and do my buisness.
Bob: "OMG, what is that stuff"
Bob: "I think i have Boulder Build-Up!!!"

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Build up - meaning

(noun) The feeling of the build up to a nut being better than the nut itself, due to excessive amounts of masturbation.

I beat my meat so much yesterday, and I even got myself a build up buster the last time I nutted.”

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Build up - definition

to roll a cannabis ciggerette or "joint/spliff/reefer/doobie/L/bifter/fatty"

hey zach does you wanna build up a spliff?

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