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What is zach?

1. the biggest fag alive. he is a total dickface and is a jerk to all girls. tends to be in love with sluts who talk about whip cream and chocolate sauce. wishes he could have a penis in his mouth, and secretly hides it. normally has boners for girls with names that start with E or Kendall. MAJOR fag. no doubt about it ;D

2. liar with a big duck in his pants.

3. likes to show off for people lying about prudeness.

4. claims he does stuff with other sluts. (see noelle, kendall, etc)

that guy was such a ZACH!

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Zach - what is it?

to wear abercrombie and fitch everyday with sunglasses even shen it's raining and act like a homosexual

Person 1: Man i really need a new polo and men to fuck.
Person 2: Dude, you
're so zach.

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What does "zach" mean?

A superhuman who can defy all perceptions of reality. Has never been defeated at anything. Ever. His only weakness is that he has no weakness'.

zach is soamazing, that guy zach is incredibly powerful, all the girls love zach,

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Zach - what does it mean?

hottest boy ever

gets all the girls

has huge penis

not a fuck boy
not a Mexican

some believe he is jesus in a new body

has incredible abs and arms

girl 1: is that Zach
girl 2: yes hes so hot holy shit

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Zach - meaning

Zach- N. literally translated to... the great women seducer.. in ancient the Greek language. Usually having an urge to have sex for more then 7 hours.

V. To have sex with women for more than 7 hours. To have millions of your potential children die all over your girlfriends face.

N. You are such a Zach. Said to a friend after they hooked up with a hot girl.
N. Dude, I'm having a Zach right now, lets call some whores.

V. I just had zach.
V. Dude, I just zached all over her face.

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Zach - definition

Used to describe the coolest person in the world. Zach is a loveable, kind, benevolent person. Also someone who you could have intercourse with for seven hours.

Zach is so adorable.

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Zach - slang

one who fingers girls for fun at corn a big flirt and all he wants is to get in her pants

that guy is such a zach!

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He is the coolest mate ever! he satisfys my needs and is always there for me. he's sexy, careing, naughty, sweet. and at the same time he can be an ass just enough to make you smile and not piss you off.

Zach is my soul mate

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the coolest person in the world, next to God. revered as one of the best people to know by many scientists around the world. he is so cool that everyone wants to meet him and all the hot chick want to be near him.

zach z, the coolest person that ever has touched the face of the earth

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It is a person's name.

See, Zach? I wrote a definition. Stop saying "What does Zach mean?" now.

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