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What is heartbroken?

that feeling where you just want to cry sooo much and those tears turns into a river and you hope that it can flow you to some place that can help you forget the pain you are going through. the pain hurts sooo much, the worst pain ever. only time can heal it, it is like the longest treatment ever to help you heal.

When you love the person you cant love. he loves you and you love him but so many people try to tear you two apart. you guys secretly date, but soon realize that the more your with that person you fall more in love with him or her and know that sooner or later you have to depart from that person, because just the thought of not seeing them everyday or to talk to them, or to even feel the warmth of their hug and kiss pains you even more. so you end it thinking that it was the best for the both of you. even if you tell that person we can still be friends you know you both can never see each other that way because you both want something more than that. that's what heartbroken means to me.

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Heartbroken - what is it?

the most depressing thing you'll ever know. when you realize that you love someone and they don't love you back. you wonder how you live the way you do, hurt, lonely, and sometimes just confused. if you ever still see that person you might try to hide your sadness, but its hard. you just want to run away and cry. sometimes you may just act angry to try to keep from being depressive, but it doesn't always work, sometimes things just get more complicated. you might get mad and call him a freaking heartbreaker!! you might think you hate him sometimes. but you don't, your just trying to stop loving him. well love never dies. so if the guy u love doesn't love you now then he never did because love doesn't go away. he might try to tell you that his love for you is gone... but love doesn't leave like that

the story of my life, as of the day he let me go..

you told me you loved me..
you promised we would be together forever..
now i'm just mad that i believed you!!

u even did this to me after i emailed it to u

-If U LoVe Me Like U Say U Do-
-Prove 2 Me That Ur LOvE Is True-
-Say U LoVe Me N Hold My Hand-
-Tell Me That U'll always B My Man-

if u didn't mean it.. why'd you have to go n say it??

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What does "heartbroken" mean?

the worst possible feeling in the world. it's basically when the girl you have strong feelings for dosen't return those feelings or affection for you. in other words, the feeling isnt mutual. nothing in the world can cure this pain, and the pain is horrible. the only thing that can really is time, because it takes time to see things for what they are. crying defintely happens, a lot of times more than once, you have feelings of anger, sadness, depression, worthlesness,confusion, despair, rejection, sentimental feelings as well. any thoughts of you and that person you loved spending time together, hugging her, cuddling her, and kissing her is gone. any past memories of that person such as photographs, notes, phone calls, voicemails, im conversations, or just hearing her voice is a pain that feels like youve been stabbed in the heart twice. people will tell you to get over it or snap out of it and you just wanna bite their heads off..because they couldnt possibly understand the pain youre going through. even if that person you love says things will change in the future, you never know what happens, its obviously a fact that if they dont share youre feelings now, time wont make them change their minds. you may want to be friends afterwards, and you may seem and act ok around them and be ok with the notion of being friends, but its bullshit. because truthfully youre a mess inside and you just wanna break down and cry. and its not like in the movies or a fairy tale when the girl realizes she was wrong and runs back into youre arms crying and the relationship is rekindled, because in reality, we all know that will never happen.

guy 1: dude, whats the matter, why are you so down?

guy 2: my girlfriend dosent love me man, im heartbroken.

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Heartbroken - what does it mean?

This emotional state is one of a complete range of emotions; mostly hurt and anger.
It has many stages, and the first is usually shock or denial. After this, and the words of your once beloved have sunken in, it will feel as if your heart is literally being ripped out. This is because you will experience pain such as a tightening in the chest, stabbing pains in the chest, very heavy breathing, and an increased heart rate. You may diagnose yourself with a panic attack, but this is usually not the case. For some period of time (usually a few days to a week) you will feel as if you have an extreme case of an anxiety, and you may not like the thought of eating, for every time you do, it seems that the food will come right back up. Lack of sleep is very common, and you may be convinced that you are suffering from insomnia. Tears and crying also play a major role, but after about a day you will find that you no longer have any more tears to cry.

You will experience a feeling of complete loss of hope. You may feel angry with your friends/family because everyone keeps telling you it will get better, or they may cut down or insult your ex and tell you that you are better off now. You feel as if no one in the world at that moment can comprehend the amount of pain and anguish you are in; you do not want to hear that you will feel better soon, or move on. It doesn't seem that way at all. You will dwell on all the memories you once had and wallow in the mere fact that they are over. All future plans, little or small, are now gone. Any dreams or things that you had wished to experience with that person is gone, and it is almost impossible to accept this. It is almost imposibble to accept that you won't get to hang out, kiss, cuddle, joke around with, and plainly-- be with the person that has both made you feel such incredible happiness, and despair. You may look through e-mails, text messages, notes, or voicemails that they had previously sent you, and the memories flood back and you find despair once more.

When heartbroken, you will still experience bits of happiness, however, your moods and emotions will be on a roller coaster. To be heartbroken is one of the worst and most common experiences that people will go through.

He said we had to talk; the only thing that could describe how I'm feeling after we had, is that I am completely and utterly heartbroken.

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Heartbroken - meaning

THE worst feeling in the world. Nothing matches up to the feeling of saddness that overwhelms you when you're heartbroken. Every know and then you get the feeling of crying. Even when you get past the crying phase, you still get the feeling of crying but you don't cry. You just bleed in the inside.

If you get heartbroken, you shouldn't be friends with her/him when they get another lover because it will just drive you insane, make you want to do stupid things, and gives you the feeling of anger but mostly saddness.

The worst part is that it never leaves you. When a girl or guy breaks your heart, it stays broken until many months afterwards.

I just caught my girl doing it with another guy, now I'm heartbroken because I loved her and i thought she loved me.

Friend:Why are you smoking crack?

Guy:Because my girlfriend broke my heart and crack is the only thing that makes me happy right now.

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Heartbroken - definition

When you love someone so much, then that person rejects that love for someone else. All you feel is an enormous pain inside you, especially whenever you see "your" girl with a different guy then you. You try and make like everything is all right, but you are really crying inside, wondering why this shit is happening.

I was heartbroken when Lana went out with Kyle.

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Heartbroken - slang

When you love someone and finally tell them and find out that they don't feel the same way and you feel like crying and you hate your life and you don't want to live anymore. You think about them all the time, even for long after they tell you what they think.
Worst case scenario: You are best friends with the person and you tell them and then they begin to say things about you to their other friends which, of course, reach you eventually and they start to think you're weird. Then the person stops talking to you and you may say something to them that expresses how much you care about them which they take the wrong way and become angry and your friendship with them ends and then you feel as though you've lost everything and nothing could possibly make it worse.
You feel like you can't live without them, but there's nothing you can do to save yourself. They are the only one that can save you, and, of course, they won't.

You sit next to the person that you like, but doesn't like you in class because you have to and you just can't take it and start crying and run away. That's when you know you're heartbroken.

If someone commits suicide because of a girl/guy, they were heartbroken.

If you can't get over someone who doesn't like you, you are heartbroken.

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When that one guy, who you held so dear, breaks your heart. Your heart falls into your stomach and feel as if its going to come out of your mouth; you feel as if nothing will ever be the same and how you could just go back in time and correct things. But you can't. And you will get over it, it just takes time. A lot of time and ice cream.

I was heartbroken when he told me that he still had feelings for his ex and was just using me to get over her.

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When the person you love more than anything does something to really hurt you, like have sex with your best friend, it's the worst feeling possible, and it hurts more than anything...

... it feels like they've ripped your heart out and jumped on it repeatedly... when you get dumped, cheated on, or whatever reason, it honestly feels like you're about to have a heart attack, you honestly feel heartbroken!

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The worst feeling in the world. Its what makes people want to kill themselves, and makes others rise to the occasion

Damn Im heartbroken over what she did to me.

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