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What is u good?

G-U-D good is better than good it's awesome. It's so awesome you misspell it. Not quite as good as G-O-D good. Usually referring to food.

Fred: This biscuit is G-U-D good!

Shirley: No Fred, its G-O-D good.

Fred: What?! Thats pretty darn good!

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U good - what is it?

Good... u?

Mitchell: Hey Buck, what's up?
Bucky: Good u?

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What does "u good" mean?

U good bro is a question made by famous personality Logan Paul meaning are you good or ok or not this question is often on a survey you check yes or no to the question are u good bro

Yo Even are u good bro

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U good - what does it mean?

when people from new york are talking and say u good that means u should probably get tf away from them

yo u good? commonly used as a threat

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U good - meaning

when someone is concerned about your well being or maybe is confused about something that you said. how they respond when you say/do something weird or out of control.

“bro, you good? you’re acting strange.”

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U good - definition

Assurance that you are ok

Hey yo you good?

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