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What is say?

My amazing boyfriend, who I am constantly grateful for. I will never ever understand how I was lucky enough to find him. He lifts my whole mood with his contagious adorable laugh, and that charming smile. I never stop smiling or laughing when he is around. How attractive he is fucks me up, because how in the world can he look so effortlessly good? I drool. You'll drool. But don't bc I'll cut you. He's the best person on this whole crappy planet and he's mine. I love you

Jessica loves Sayed, forever and always.

- Love your rainbow

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Say - what is it?

An extremely good looking male who bears (what some men consider a gift) the curse of entrancing sexiness. He, without any effort, will make ANY woman fall in love with him. Whether the woman be a straight, lesbian, transgender, a crossdresser, or a man who desperatly longs for womanly parts, she (or he) will fall in love with the suave composure of a Sai. Beware when around this individual. You will lose your girlfriend/wife, sister, mother, aunt and even your grandmother. Sex is a Sai's greatest weapon even though he unknowingly wields it.

Damn he is a fucking Sai.

He just Sai'd my wife.

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What does "say" mean?

1- An Arabic name, it also means mister in the Arabic language and finally it's used as a title to descendents of prophet Mohamed among Shiaat.

My name is sayed

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Say - what does it mean?

(idiom) When someone is making far too many unfounded statements far too quickly for the accused party to deny them, they are "say say saying", as per the duet by Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson (1988) in which it shows that the speech is so pointless that no-one, least of all the data subject really cares anymore.

Say, say, say what you want (but don't play games with my affection)

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Used to further express frustration or add more dramaticism to a statement.

Can often be paired with "man".

Clearest translation is a figurative "look".

"Bro, she really did all that?"
"Man, say...all that and more."
Translation: "Man, look...all that and more."

"When you gone come get all yo shit?"
"Say...I'll get it when I'm ready."
Translation: "Look...I'll get it when I'm ready."

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to speak

i always want to say your not my friend

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While giving instructions about computer entry options, used to refer to the act of clicking on a dialog box on the computer screen. click

Say "I accept" and enter your name then say "okay". The program should then save to your desktop.

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What many people speak or type when they really mean to speak or type the word, "read".

{Susie, on telephone with pawn shop}: This slip says that the due date is June 10.
{Pawnbroker, on other end of telephone}: That's funny, I don't hear it saying anything!

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Short for "What do you say?". Means listen to me and/or respond to my question. May also be used to prod the person to respond.

Say, didn't I see you talking to my girlfriend at the party? Say? Uh? Say?

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word meaning "hey!" or "you there!" To get someone's attention, often in anger or when one is on crack.

Say playa! why do yo lie to me man! I ain't seen no money! I'm gonna take all your bitches and drop'em off in you driveway! how you like that shit nigga!?!

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