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What is you good?

What Logan Paul ask and say to people in his vlogs and made merch of.

Are you good bro is asking are you ok and if not what's wrong

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you good - video

You good - what is it?

Something you ask your bitch before you slide into the wrong hole.

Yo bitch, You good I’m slidin in

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What does "you good" mean?

A nonchalant way of asking "Are you high?"or also; "Are you TOO high?"

Jerry: *Wanders in, drooping eyelids, eyes darting around*
Tom: "You good?"
Jerry: "I'm great, man." *Grins*

Sarah: *In class, staring at the ceiling, mumbling to herself*
Jessica: "Sarah, you good?"
Sarah: "Nope..."

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You good - what does it mean?

A term used to ask if someone is "ok" mainly not intended as a question like "are you ok"

Ariel:god Courtney ur a slut go drink bleach

Courtney: no bitch like are you good

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You good - meaning

It's what a clucka (fiend) (dope feind) from Chicago asks a drug dealer when he's looking for his fix (drugs)

Aye you good dog?. . . .what up man you good?

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You good - definition

Amongst the African America community this phrase can mean an abundance of things depending on the tone of use & situation.

β€œYou good” - are you okay ?
β€œYou good” - I’m fine thank you

β€œYou good” - is there a problem

β€œYou good” it’s alright proceed

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You good - slang

question asking someone if they have drugs or not

yo are you good, yeah i need a fat sack of crack if you got it holla holla lets blow hard andd get fuekd

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You good

A phrase that can mean Are you okay, Hello, It's fine, How are you feeling" etc

Typically said in the Bay Area

"I'm sorry that I hurt you."

"You good man!"

"Hey bro, you good?"

"No, I've been feeling like shit lately."

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You good

Very casual way of asking "how are you?", more similar to "are you well?".

"YO! You good?"

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You good

everythings cool with us; You looking tight

I was wondering about that, but you good. Or, You good with what you got on.

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