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What is like shit?

statistically speaking, it simply means when you smell like shit and haven’t gotten around to that good deodorant.

man that kid tre is really β€œboofing like shit”.

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like shit - video

Like shit - what is it?

Its something or someone who smells like poo

You smell like shit you hairy nugget

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What does "like shit" mean?

When you just feel down about yourself and feel disgusted. See "Feel like crap." Its when nothing matters to you and you donlt care, your also very sad. When you feel like crap, the best thing to do is at the very least go outside and eat some fruit. Nature will at least make you feel a little better, but sitting here at the computer reading this defination is not. One thing to do is to have a nice cold glass of iced tea.

Feel like shit, I hate feeling like shit

Go out side and eat something natural. Go running, do something other then sitting at the computer in some room.

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Like shit - what does it mean?

1. Something you generally say when something that you are eating tates really really bad, or it is something that does not appeal to your taste buds.

- "The apple that I am eating has a worm in is prolly why it Tastes Like Shit."

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Like shit - meaning

Comparable to the derivative of when terrible food tastes "like shit" well, have you TASTED shit before? You would ASSUME that it has an awful taste but I bet if you gave it a shot it wouldn't be as bad as you think. DO NOT SWALLOW! EXTREMELY HAZARDOUS!!

Son: Yuck, mom this slop you made for dinner taste like SHIT!
Mom: Fuck off, son. I have to work all day; I don't have time to cook a delicious meal.
Son: okay, I go to school more hours then you work, mom.

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Like shit - definition

to be high off of weed, drunk, or on a extacy pill "thizz".

aiy niga.I was on like shit that night of the party.

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Like shit - slang

In addition to the above poster's definition:

2) no fucking way, not gonna' happen, yeah right

Person 1: ay mo you gonna do that paper?
Person 2: (pause) *laughs* like shit!

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Like shit

DMV slang
Used to represent agreeing with something
Another way to say "deadass"

"Aye moe she got them clappas"
"Like shit tho!"

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Like shit

dmv slang.
Used to exaggerate when agreeing/not agreeing with something/someone.
"boi" commonly follows this expression and is often used in sessions of joaning

"Ay u do the homework mrs applebottom assigned?"
"No like shit boutta copy homie that sits in front of us like shit."

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Like shit

means alot of what you say before "like shit"
usually used after a noun or adjetive. Used in the DMV

"damn that girl is ugly like shit"

"he ate that whole burger, he fat like shit"

"he was at tha party knockin ppl out, he kimbo like shit"

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